Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Some satisfying days LOL

Goodmorning everybody!

Isn;t it a wonderful thing to say, that some things you had on the to-do list are done?
well, I think it feels good. Monday I had some plans, but you'll never know what comes of them, lately I better do not plan too much, it always turns out to be different, grin!
This time however, a miracle took place, I made some plans and I achived them. After I finshed my blogpost, I stayed a while longer at the computer, but then drastically shut the thing down and I started doing something.
I started with some dusting, a bit more thorough than usual, and then I arrived at a cupboard, where I have standing a lot of crystal. The glass plate, on it really needed a clean-up, so I took off all the crystal stuff, and yes, you may have guessed, that lot looked not so good. I took it all to the kitchen and gave it a good clean. And oh my, it is sparkling again!
I even found a left over from Christmas, well, it ca stay there till it's time for him LOL!

Then I had a tour with the vacuum cleaner, did that a bit more thorough too, so when that was done, I decided it was good enough work for the day.

Yesterday it was real nice weather, and I went into town centre, to take a look there, I don;t come there too often, so every now and then I like to spend a bit of time in several great shops there, where you can find all kind of things for a nice price. Did I buy something? Yes, a couple of things, which were in discount. You will laugh if you read what I bought. Some seed packets, 3 for € 1,00, also a little kit to grow radish, just for the fun of it. Also found a sweet little bird feeder, sorry, forgot to take a picture of it). Some other stuff I needed, but I was really, really very moderate.
Spotted also some things that we might need later, and now I know where i can find it.
Oh, even bough me another garden plant, hopefully that one will do well, and if it comes to full bloom I will try not to forget to take a picture.
After I came home, Jan also arrived after a little while from a bike ride, and then we planted the new seeds, re-potted some of the seedlings, and suddenly it was dinnertime already.

I've made a couple of pictures of the garden again, first one is my clematis that has opened its first blooms. Every time I see a clematis flowering I get so greedy. I do want to have more of them. If you search well, you can have clematis flowering about 9 months of the year!
The I have a picture of an Aquilegia, I love those plants! I think there are about 60 different species of them, and I have only two or three of them. They also come in much different colors, from lilac, to pink, to white and yellow. Yeah, I definately have to have more of them too.
And the last one is of a part of my rose, now doingan amzing effort to compensate us for the bad weather we had.
Soo I think I will have pictures of another rose in my garden, which is a bush, and has white flowers. At the moment it is producing a lot of buds.

Now today will be another day of attacking some things onmy to-do list. First have to do some food shopping, then another laundry is waiting and if I have the energy I may attack the bedsheets too hahaha.

Now that I talked so much about the garden I think I will offer today another nutshell kit, in a bold green color palette, named Piccolo Giardino (little garden) , and there are some adorable clusters from Arlene to it too.!
Now you take care, have some work done, have some fun too, in short: have a wonderful day!
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Download     HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Wow, so energetic! It feels good though doesn't it? Love when things are clean and then you still have the energy to go and find some good bargains! Does not happen very often though! Your flowers are so very lovely, no wonder you enjoy gardening so much! I have some of my pots that I need to redo...the pansies are all gone (too warm for them now)! Great nutshell kit and lovelies from Arlene too, thanks to both of you! Thanks so much for visiting with me and leaving such lovely comments. You, Jan and Brodski have a great middle of the week! Chat more on Friday! Hugs, Mat

Anonymous said...

Thamks once again!

sirkkis said...

Hi, you had a busy day, but isn't it wonderful to see what you have done afterwards. Your garden is lovely. I love flowers, too. Many thanks your lovely freebies, Kyra.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
Your day has been sooo busy and mine is just starting. We have been extremely busy lately.Hardly any time to breathe.LOL I have three loads of laundry to do today and also plan to clean and polish the office.Catching up finally.:) I have been wanting to stop in to see how you are doing..and finally just made myself stop and say hi.:)
Your flowers look so pretty!! Please tell Heidi I said Happy Belated Birthday!
Your dinners sound scrumptious!!
I always LOVE a bargain and so happy you found some.:)
Thank you soo much for sharing your lovely kits and thanks Arlene for the wonderful clusters too.:)
I LOVE your blog design..but think you should let that poor fairy out of the glass globe now.LOL

Huge hugs my friend!!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

hmm..that is a bubble isn't it?I still think you need to let her out.LOL

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...