Monday, June 10, 2013

I moved one of the frogs LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

Friday I announced I would do a bit of housekeeping, and oh wonder, I did so!
I let the washing machine do it's job with a full load, and in the mean time I did the ironing.
That was necessary, cause the pile became a bit too high, now I am glad it's done.
That was about it I did, yes, I know, I could have done a bit more, but I promise I will do it today!

Yesterday afternoon we went to Heidi's 40th birthday party. I am not such a birthday party person, but of course I couldn;t let her down. She looked great and all happy, and as usual we didn;t get much time to talk to eachother. And of course that is understandable, she has to devide her attention to everybody. So we just had a few secs, and when we left Heidi and I laughed again and said to eachother the ever-returning words when we see eachother at a party: "Oh my, what a great talk we had again, but we know it, on parties it almost never happens, grin grin"
But we will see eachother this week  and then we can chat about all we want.

Now every day we see something new that is coming to bloom in the garden.  It's about time now, all is a bit late because of the too cold weather till now. Let's hope that we will be compensated for that the next couple of months.
Almost every night or every other night I am sneaking throught the garden with my little flash light, to go for snail hunting LOL! I know they are necessary in nature, but let them do their job somewhere else and not too much in my garden. I know almost all the spots (read plants) they like to visit and it feels good to be the rescue ranger of some of the plants, hahaha!
And doing the hunting, almost every time I encounter my little friends, the frogs. So nice to see them, it also means that the environment in my garden isn;t too bad.
Yesterday evening I spotted one rather little one at the terras near the kitchen door. I wondered what he/she was doing there? So I picke it up(with my hand in a little plastic bag, so not too harm the frog and I don;t like the feeling of the vreature in mty hand) and placed it near the little pond. There it could find a nice hiding place under the rocks or under some ground covering plants.

I hope Jan will get a couple of shifts this week, so he can have a try-out on how his condition is and if his back will hold on when he has to do the biking from house to house and such.
Later today I will fill in his  available-schedule for this week at his acocount of the agency. Yeah, I am the one doing it for him, he isn;t very used to computering, so I act as his  secretary" ROFL.
Well, I will look now for your freebie, in my stock.
Yes, I know which one it will be today. This one is named "Tiny Pleasures",  and and add-on from clusters by Arlene.
Have a very nice day.

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Download    HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning and thank you so much for the lovely gifts again.
glad you got your laundry and ironing done...all I accomplished this weekend is the yard work and watch some stored up movies....LOL! Yes, I was a bit lazy and a couch potato this weekend! Sunday morning we had some storms, but turned out a great day later on...I watched my NASCAR races and napped a little on the couch! Loved it!
Chat more on Wednesday, have a great one! hugs, Mat

HappyScreens said...

Thank you, Friends. Spring and Early Summer in the garden are inspiring times. You have, as always, been inspired.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these very pretty pieces...