Friday, June 07, 2013

Mixed up up administrations!!!!!!

Goodmorning everybody!

We are getting a bit nuts about the not working well together of several departments of the health insurance . Before to get into any trouble I phoned the health insurance announce that Jan recoved(more or less), starting the 5th of June. The lady there checked Jan's file and said he already was announced healthy again for work from the 27th of May. I told her it couldn;t be so, explained Jan had a phonecall with the guy of the health insurance of the medical department and had a total different agreement. Well, I gave the phone to Jan, he explained the whole sitation and the lady seemed to understand a bit the problem and said Jan would be called back by the fellow who send the letter where they stated  he was better again at the 27th.
Oh wonder, the guy called back yesterday. Jan explained again, that he had to go to the agency already, because money for living has to be earned,  and now it seems that probably the other guy of the health insurance department "forgot"to send the papers through ( that one is from the medical department the last one is from the insurance money department). But the medical one was on holiday now(yeah, we are always so lucky!).
To cut it a bit short Jan has now an agreement with the last guy that Jan still will receive insurance money for a couple of weeks, but if the job agency has some shifts for him, he can do them, as a sort of try-out, but has to tell that to the insurance. Then around the 17th of June guy nr.1 is back from holiday, Jan has to phone him, And soon Jan will receive a letter from probably guy nr.2 wioth an appointment for a health check up done buy possibly the real doctor Jan went to a couple of months ago. Then they will see, what they will do. Or Jan will be declared helathy for a 100% or may just partly for a while, which means he will get payed partly by the health insurance and partly by the agency if they have work. Complicated, isn;t it?

But worst of this all is, that it takes us time, phoning left and right, just because their administration isn;t okay!!!

Aside of this stuff, we had some nice days, with great weather,and we took some profit of it. And I am walking a lot lighter again, cause yesterday I got a very much needed hair cut!
It feels so good and I wanted to have one before Sunday. Why? On Sunday my friend Heidi is celebrating her 40 th birthday! And they give a big party, because it is a little wonder she is still around, having her to cope with the lung disease. It sn;t so obvious that people who suffer from it get very old, and some years ago we were in doubt if she would reach her 40th birthday.
I already called her yesterday( the actual day) to wish her a happy birthday, and we just talked for a few minutes, but agreed to visit eachother somewhere next week and have a chat in quiet and peace.

And there is someone else who had her birthday yesterday! It is Linda from Random thoughts of Linda, this nice lady who offers such beautiful quickpages! Might be nice if you drop a little happy birthday to her!

I have no idea what I will do today, LOL. Enough things are waiting to be done, like a laundry, some ironing and all that stuff in the house, but today it also will be a nice sunny day, while the next days temperatures will go down a bit again, and may be some rainshowers will visit us. So may be I just do some of the house thingy, and forget about some others and take advantage of the weather while we still can.Yeah, it sounds very lazy, it probably is, but why not? LOL.

Last wednesday I was at the market and bought some fish for dinner, it were Dorado"s. They tasted real well, I prepared them like this:
I cut some potatoes in thin slices, layed them in a frying pan, bit of salt and pepper on it, on that the two dorado's, again a bit of pepper and salt, added a bit of  olive oil, a teacup of chicken-broth, some dices of butter, some garlic and shallots, covered the pan with a lid(not completely) and put it on a moderate fire for about half an hour.
Just added some salad to it and it tasted yummie.!
Yesterday we had a yummie meal too, because I found 4 big mushrooms(portobello) at the market too, I stuffed them with mozarella and little ham dices, together with a bit of pressed garlic, pepper and salt. In the oven with a bit of oil and butter, for about half an hour(depens a bit on the size of the mushrooms), I made baked potatoes to it and again a salad( green with a bit of tomatoe and dices of raw paprika) and that was delicious too!
So today we will have the "free kitchen"again, meaning Jan and I will make our own thing for dinner, probably will be something very easy, and quick!

Well, I took enough of your time, let's go on to the freebie for today. It is the kit "Garden of Friendship, in very soft pastels, and sweet clusters from Arlene.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Gosh, the administration is certainly giving you and Jan the business!! Hopefully, it will all be sorted out soon.

Enjoy the good weather while you can and save the housework for the cold and rainy days. The dust bunnies will love you for it, and you'll be out in the sun more.

We have another critter in our trap so I hope Eddie will be here soon to take it to the woods and let the critter go. lol. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks to both of you for the lovely gifts!
Glad you stopped by for a visit, love to read your comments! Thanks!
Sure hope Jan gets his work and insurance pay straightened always left hand know not what the right hand is doing! LOL
Glad you have some nice weather, enjoy it while you can, housework can be done when not nice weather or after dark....LMBO~this is what I do sometimes!
Anyhow, y'all have a wonderful weekend and I'll catch you again on Monday!
Hugs, Mat

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

PS..Is Snowy okay? Haven't seen anything from here since February! Just hoping she is okay! Hugs, Mat

HappyScreens said...

Thank you, Kyra, this kit and your new blog layout are lovely. I hope Jan gets everything straightened out to his advantage.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

Linda said...

I just found your blog today and wanted to say that your background with the blue and yellow bird is beautiful!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads. I also forgot to mention last time that I like your new background too...