Monday, May 27, 2013

Today we should enjoy a lovely day.

Goodmorning everybody!

Weather hasn't been as bad as we thought this weekend. Not that it was warm, but at daytime we didn;t have rain and even some spots of sun.
So Friday was the worst day, and therefore I went to the supermarket with the tram, it's the market where I go sometimes when I need specific things, and it's there the cheapest.
Back home I got rid of some dust bunnies and went around with the vacuum cleaner.
Saturday was a better day, so first I went out for the newspaper and took a quick tour at the fair.
And I came home with 4 second hand books. Two novels, one garden book, with just simpe, tips and advice for gardeningn which is ideal for Jan and a little cook book for pastry. All that just for ONE EURO!
In the afternoon Jan and I got busy in the garden. Remember i told you we collected some great planks at the street? Well, we made a great place for the plants nursery with them.
It is placed at the spot where we had metal rack standing( at the terras where we sit) and it looks great!
We have more place for our seedlings and it also looks a bit more organized this way.
Now we had the metal rack as spare, and we found a great place for it in one of the borders.
At the moment there are two long containers standing on it with onions ( I have no idea if we will have onions later this year, but it's fun to try). Later on we can put some pots on it with flowering plants.
And I've made you a photo from our azalea again, now in full bloom and it looks gorgeous.

Yesterday we could even sit for moment in the sun, although you had to have your sweater on.
But today temperature suddenly rises up to around 65-70 F, with almost no wind. Just for one day, tomorrow it will drop again about 4 degrees and some rian again. So the quote "Carpe Diem" , ( pick the day) applies for this day.
Jan has to go to his appointment with his doctor at the hospital . She keeps him under strict control, and that is a good thing.
And then I think we will just enjoy this spring day, may be I will start in one of the two new novels, comfortable sitting in the garden LOL.
Today our street is having more mess, they started digging again this morning, and we even are without water supply for  a little while, hopefully just for an hour or so.

What do I have as freebie for you today? I have another photoalbum for you, which I made with the Beyond Time kit. I hope you can use it, and as an extra I have two lovely quickpages from Arlene.
Time now to have another cup of coffee and then get dressed to be ready for a sunny day.
Have a beautiful day!
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Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. I'm up for a bit and trying to do a bit of catching up on my reading. I just love your garden photos. It looks just beautiful. Those planks were a wonderful find.

I know some of my plants blossomed this past week but I haven't seen them yet. It was to hear that Brodski is much better now.

It's time for me to get back under the blankets. You have a fabulous day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks for the album and the lovely QPs from Arlene! Glad you are having nice enough weather to sit outside and read. I read a book on Saturday, however, I am getting quite lazy, I get my books (free) on my Kindle. I had a bit of a stomach bug on Sat and Sun, but seems to be gone this morning! Still being careful of what I eat and drink for today! LOL! I did not even turn my computer on yesterday, just lazed, read, slept and watched the Indy 500 and then the NASCAR 600 mile races. Was so very quiet when the TV was off! Have a lovely week ahead and will check in with you again on Wednesday! Many hugs!! Mat

Linda said...

Hello Kyra & Arlene, Thank you for these beautiful pages.
I will be away for a couple of weeks and I look forward to checking out your blog when I get back.
Have a great fortnight everyone...

Handmaiden Dotty said...

Thank you for these lovely downloads. Looking at your azaleas reminded me to look for the pictures of mine, though not as pretty. I took mainly close-up pictures as the whole bush didn't look as nice as yours. Have a great day. Blessings!