Friday, May 24, 2013

Lots of rain, it goes on!

Goodmorning everybody!

No, the weather isn;t yet how it is supposed to be. Too much rain and it is cold. Sometimes we have a moment of sunshine, but even then it is not really nice to be outside.
Grrrr, what is the matter with the weather all over the planet?
We still hope for better times, but if it goes on like this, we surely ill have a short summer.

Sometimes you can find the most nice things along the street, did you know? People do change their homes, or do some cleaning up and they put all the stuff along the treet(when you have a lot you can call the city hall,where there is a department for "big stuff garbage"and they come to collect it.
Wednesevening Jan put out the normal garbage sacks on the street for collection and came into the house and called me to come with him. Oh my, we found some great lovely planks we could use, and some other full wooden ones, so we took them home LOL!
The planks are now in the bedroom to serve as book shelves. We had shelves there, but they weren;t quite the ones needed. Now it looks a lot better.
The other ones we probably will use in the garden, they have a little upstanding side, so I think we will put them on some bricks and they will do fantastically as nursery for seedlings and also I will put some pots with flowering plants on them. If you have to buy them in a shop, you have to pay a lot money for those kind of shelves.
We still have a spot we want to make nices in the garden. That is against the wall of the little shed. It is mostly in shade, so I will have to look for plants that will do well in shade, but there are lots of them, also flowering ones, so I hope to have that finished soon.
Also want to put there some nice flasks or pots or other fun things in between, to bring even more color. We only need a bit nices weather.

Our street is now becoming really messy! They emoved almost all the tiles of the sidewalk and the digging will start soon. It isn;t easy to get to the front door anymore LOL.

This weekend, starting today, there is again a fair in our shopping street near to our house. And every year again(some exceptions you always have) they have not good weather. Amazing, but true! poor souls that have to stand 3 days in their stands, in the wind, rainshowers and that together with low temperature. Not something to become very happy! I cross my fingers for them that along the day may be some sunshine will appear to make it a bit bearable.

That's about all I can think of to tell you, not very exciting, I know, but that is life.
Better I make you happy, perhaps, with the freebie.
Perhaps this one can bring a bit of summerfeeling to you, Blossom on the Wind. And I am certain that Arlene's contribution will help too. She made two lovely clusters and also a wonderful quickpage.
I will stay at the computer for a little while longer, perpas work a bit on a new kit I started yesterday, and then I think some dust bunny hunting is necessary with some vacuum cleaning LOL.
And meanwhile I will cross my fingers, that we will be able to see some sunshine, at the moment it is very grey and rainy outside.
Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe!

Download    HERE

Download   HERE


Unknown said...

Well is raining here to. The problem is, we aren't used to much rain here in Sunnyside, Washington, USA. But you offering this darling kit makes the rainy day blues go away! Thanks, Deb.

HappyScreens said...

Great kit, Kyra, and Arlene's clusters and QP really show it off! Thank you both.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads. I hope you get some sunshine too...

Handmaiden Dotty said...

Butterflies or birds,now which do I like best?
Butterflies dancing on flowers or birds singing while I rest?
Both are God's wondrous creation, a miracle of Spring.
A reminder of God's goodness
as His blessings, He brings.
(Handmaiden)Dotty Barwick 6-5-2013
Thanks Kyra for giving me inspiration again by your beautiful work. Blessings!