Monday, April 08, 2013

Not really spring here yet

Goodmorning everybody!

Although we could do a couple of things in the garden this weekend, it just wasn't really nice.
The wind is still very cold, but thee might be a little light at the end of the tunnel.
This week temperatures should go up a bit and we probably loose the night frost.
I think it is about time, don;t you?

Jan was busy re-potting some of the seedlings, so I hope they will survive it and grow nice and steady. He can do those things as long as he doesn;t have to bend too much.
Still no real progress of getting in better shape, I think it will need more care than we can afford at the moment. But it will pass, some day, only it takes a loooong time, I fear.
Well, things are as they are, it sometimes happens like that.

Oh, I got a nice surprise, this weekend. I went to mediafire, to look if I had any space left to upload things( remember that last week my space for a free account was cut back from 50GB to 10GB????).
And this weekend I noticed that I was back at the same 50 GB again. I don;t understand a thing about it, but I am not complaining, just crossing fingers, that it will stay like this, it sure will be easier to keep some files a bit longer. o next couple of weeks you might find different download links, at 4 shared(not my favourite) and at Skydrive too. Hope the 4 shared ones will not give you too much trouble.
I had lots to do at the computer this weekend, because Arlene sent me lots of fantastic clusters, pageborders and also quickpages of several kits I made in the last weeks.
Gosh, she says she has a bit lack of inspiration at the moment, feeling rather low, and I am so sorry for her, I try to keep her spirits up a bit by my emails, as I obviously cannot just pop into her house for a visit. But she did make several really lovely things, you will see when I post them.

Today will probably be a bit of housekeeping day again, not too much, but some things just need to be done. Not a big problem, I will just give myself a kick at the bottom and then it will be done quickly LOL!

Kit for today is namend "Past Years". I splitted it up in 2 downloads, for easier handling.
And Arlene has made you such sweet clusters!
Have a wonderful start of the week!
Download    part 1 here
                     part 2 here

Download clusters   HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Lovely things from Arlene...of course it takes a great kit to make the clusters etc with, so thank you both for these lovely gifts.
So wish Jan's back would give him some relief, I know how miserable it can be, but tell him to just use it gently and give it time to heal. Shame that we have to put up with used up bodies when we are older, huh? LOL!
You take care and don't over do either, hope your weather improves greatly real soon. We have warm and very, very windy right now, but it will change tomorrow...LMBO!!
Have a great week, chat with you again dear friend on Wednesday. My boss is back and i will have a few things to catch up with her for a few days! LOL! Hugs, Mat

HappyScreens said...

I love these pretty gifts from you two! Thank you.

Linda said...

Hello Kyra and Arlene, Thank you both so much for this and earlier downloads. You both do some fantastic work...