Monday, April 01, 2013

In need of some help.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, I Need your help,  but not for me but for Mat and her sister. I just got an emial from Mat, that her sister Kathy is taken to hospital  and is in not good condition. She even is taken to IC, so she could do with a prayer to keep her safe and get well again.
You can read a bit more about it on Mat's blog.

That was the most important thing to tell you.

Easter weekend passes smoothly here. In Holland we have TWO days for it, so today is the 2nd Esater day.
But I will start with Friday. Heidi and husband and daughter were here at about 10.30 finally and we went straight away tot the market. I took my shopping car with me, so we didn't need to carry all the little plastic bags. Heidi found all she wanted, and I bought just a few things too.
Then they went home from the market with the tram and I walked back home(that takes about the same amount of time). Weather was cold, but as long as you stayed in the move, it was kind of bearable LOL.

Saturday I just had to go out for the newspaper and could stay in the rest of the day, which I spent with a lot of computer time. I even made a layout for Edna, of course with Pogo, with the kit Some Day. See the result of it on Edna's blog.
Oh, speaking of computer and such, I got a not so nice surprise when I went to Mediafire to upload a kit. Suddenly they changed the free space I had of 50GB to 10 so I had no possibility of uploading, cause I exceeded the limit drasticaly, of course.
As I don;t intend yet to pay for a larger amount of space, I had to think of something. Well, first I deleted a lot of files, with result that I have a lot less kits in the My Freebies together. Sorry for that, but I might have found a solution for the time being. I still had my 4shared account. There I have still space, so I started to upload the newest kit there. I am not a great fan of 4shared in the whole, but at least I can upload and keep the files for a time. And I also will try out Skydrive, where I have a free space of 7 GB. All together, it should be enough for keeping my files downloadable for say 3 or 4 months.
But I don;t like the move of Mediafire, to reduce from one day to another the GB for a free account.!

Okay, enough about that. We will find a way to keep up the freebies list, may be in time I will be able to pay for a larger account.
Then I first have to find out( and you know I am a dummy in new things) how to install/have a Pay pal account. But first of all we will have to survive a couple of months our kind of tight budget LOL.
It will come, we just will have to be a bit patient.

Oh, Jan bought us 3 big sacs of soil on Saturday. He found them for a real low price, went to that shop with my shopping car, hahahaha, and the guy there put the 3 sacs into the car(nice, cause Jan could with his back). As I bought him on Friday 3 more seed packets, he will have to plant them soon. Adn some of the soil we will need for the garden, cause we want to change it a little bit, as soon as the weather will be at a bit higher temperature.

That's about it, we will spend today in rather inactive way, LOL, I think some designing is a good idea, I think Jan will be busy with his seedlings and such. Yes, I will enjoy this rather inactive day, tomorrow will need another attitude. House needs some attention, laundry will be waiting and such.
So on to the kit, then another cup of coffee and the I will get dressed and then I will continue on a new kit, I think.
This kit is full oc color, I think we all can do with some color at the moment so here you have "Be an Artist", with clusters from arlene and also a quickpage she made!
Have a wonderful day, don;t forget a little prayer for Mat's sister Kathy!

Download   HERE

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

What a pretty kit. The birds are beautiful. Thanks for the news about Mat's sister. I did leave her a message.

I think we will put a bit of new dirt in our gardens too. It's time to get out and start to clean out the rest of the leaves that are covering the plants.

Pogo got a new shirt for Easter, so I'll try to get a new photo of him in his new shirt. I just loved his Easter layout. I'm going to make an album with his new layouts.

It's already April, so maybe the nice weather is on its way in. I surely hope so. You have a fabulous day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning Dear Friend, thank you so much for the prayers, I know they are working. I appreciate them all!
Thank you too for this lovely kit and sorry you are having space problems for your kits....LOL!
I hope you liked the ones I did using Arlene's QP & cluster~ Some Day is a terrific and very versatile kit. Got lots to do today, got to pack so will be ready when the surgery is scheduled! Lots of hugs and thanks again for the prayers! Luv, Mat

Anonymous said...

YOU are an artist ! this new kit is a wonder !! Thank you, and thanks Arlene for your beautiful work !
I'm sorry for the change in mediafire, it's a pity... and many designers will certainly have the same problems.
I read in a newspaper that there are more than 700 storage services! they did a comparative, and here is the list :
1) rapishare
3) gigaup
4) uptobox
5) mega
6) adrive
7) mediafire
8) hubic
9) skydrive
10)amazon cloud drive.
Hope it can help a little...
A big thought for Mat's sister too.
Have a nice day,

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...

HappyScreens said...

We are still waiting for the warm spring weather. Our March average temp. was 1 degree F colder than January. Hard to imagine and rather depressing, so this bright, cheerful kit with Arlene's additions is very much appreciated. Thank you!