Monday, March 18, 2013

On and off with the weather

Goodmorning everybody!

It has been really on and off with the weather here. One moment it's raining and grey and a while after suddenly there is blue sky and sunshine. But it's still not really Spring weather, oh no. I think the temperatures are still too low, and in parts of Holland it's worse then in our part. Amazing the difference in weather in such a small country!
Well, if it stays much longer this kind of unpredictable weather, it will be hard to find a good day for working a bit in the garden.
Jan makes his "walk"every day along the seedlings and most of them are growing well. But he said, joking, that if the weather stays longer this way, we might have a flowering garden inside the house LOL.

Saturday was a little bit a special day for us, not that we made a big celebration, we just kissed eachother on that 16th of March, cause it's the day we met and never parted again, 21 years ago!
Just realize, 21 years we are a couple, amazing! We were still young and beautiful at that time ROFL!
A lot of things happened  during those 21 years, a lot of good things of which we also have good memories, but also heavy weather times, some took a lot of time to get over with, mostly caused by  my family. I will never forget, but the memoreis of those times and occasions are in a little part of my brain, very far away, not to be remembered a lot.
But we made also some great friends, unfortunately a lot of them passed away at a too young age, so not many of our close group are still around.
The memories however last, and we had so many gatherings and so much fun together for many years, and we treasure those memories.

The weekend I could do something on new kits, although the "creating process"is going a bit slow to my liking. But as long as I can come up with some new ones I guess I shouldn;t complaing too much, hey?

I think today is a good day to do something in the house, the boring stuff, as usual, hahaha, but also must make a couple of phonecalls. First to the accountant, to hear if he received all the papers and I have a few questions too. Then I must make a phonecall to my friend Heidi, we didn;t speak or saw eachother for a rather long time, nothing to worry about, beause this happens from time to time, but now I want to know all is going well there. All together my day will be filled for a good part and for the part that is still  "available ", I think the computer could be a good option!

 Today I have a kit all in blue "Skyhigh", I splitted it in two downloads, so it's much easier for everyone to download. Arlene has made great clusters with it and also a beautiful quickpage!!
Have a wonderful Monday,
Download      PART 1
                      PART 2

Download     HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

this is a lovely kit, thank you so much and thank Arlene too!
Our weather is pretty stabilized right now, but it is subject to change at any minute...LOL!
Got lots of chores to do today so guess I had better get busy and get off this more with you later. Have a great day! Hugs, Mat

Edna B said...

I have to agree about the unsettling weather we are having. Tonight and tomorrow we are expecting a few more inches or snow. Anywhere from 3-6 inches altogether. This is not my idea of fun weather! Every time it snows here, the weatherman says it will probably be the last of the snow for the winter, but then another storm comes along and dumps a lot more snow. Oh I will be so glad to see Spring. I have flowers already coming up out of the ground. Ah well, what will be will be. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra & Arlene for these lovely downloads.
Congratulations Kyra and Jan for being together for 21 years...

HappyScreens said...

Beautiful elements, clusters and colors - thank you!

NathL said...

hello Kyra, thank you for this lovely kit :)
will share it on my blog with my favorite freebies!
thank you Arlene for those nice clusters :)

Anonymous said...

this is an amazing kit so beautiful thank you so very much for sharing I got part one and the gift from Arlene but not part 2 will try again later hugs and blessings to you Nana Kat

Anonymous said...

Blessings to you and many thanks ,I got part 2 to work so thank you for the beautiful gifts ,hugs Nana Kat