Monday, March 11, 2013

Low energy weekend LOL

Goodmorning everybody!

It's going on and off with Jan at the moment. One day it's better, another day it's less, we both get a bit cranky about it. I still have good hopes Jan will be better, but it sure takes a long time.
He is holding on, not complaining about it, great guy. Although sometimes I want him to tell a little bit more about it. I think soon he will have to go to the sickness benefit agency that pays his "salary"at the moment, to see what progress he has made. Well, we see what ideas they will have.
I must say, they are very accommodating, till now.

We will just have to be patient and full of good hope that suddenly one day it will be a lot better, sometimes the body is taking it's time.

Because of this you can understand there is not all toom uch activity around here, apart from the general things that have to be done in the house, that I have to do, but you know, it's a bit hard to keep up my own energy to get things done. Strange but true. So today I just have to get a bit busy.

Not a very exciting post I must say. I don't want to sound so bleak, it is not in my nature, it's just that at the moment I cannot think of anything really nice to tell, or something funny that happened. Don;t you worry, I am not getting depressed, it's just a moment of non inspiration and it will pass soon enough LOL.

I think I better finish this post, before I spoil your day, hahaha, and post the freebie.
It's  named "Touch of Art", I hope it can be used for some great layouts, together with some clusters Arlene made.
So now I will gget me an extra boost of energy, my coffee, LOL and I am sure next post will be much better than this one, I will do my best for it okay?
Have a great day!!!

P.S. This kit is a bit "heavy"in MB, sorry for that, I know some of you have trouble downloading that, but I already had packed and zipped and uploaded it, when I got some request to split up these "heavier"kits in two downloads. I will try to think of it in future.  Sorry for the possible inconvenience.
Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Kyra, we all have crabby "off" days. So, it's okay to crab a bit. Goodness knows, I do it. As for Jan, maybe the job agency can find a "sit down" job in an office or at home for him. Wouldn't that be nice?

Today is going to be the hottest day here (in the 80"s) and then back to the mid to upper 70's. It's just what this old body needed! lol. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said... you have an off day...don't we all???? Chronic pain has a way of doing that you know!! YOU BOTH are allowed to have those days! Sometimes talking and crabbing about them cleans your mind and recharges you with energy and hugs from friends makes it all okay again, so sending great big TEXAS SIZED hugs to both of you!
Thanks for this lovely, lovely, lovely gift and the ones from Arlene too. This has lots of terrific color in it! I hope to be able to get to use it today! LOL! I must admit to a lazy day today as I worked too much in planting to let some muscles relax....!
Have a lovely day, hope to catch you again tomorrow! Feel better soon, both of you! Hugs!! Mat

Unknown said...

I have just discovered your site and I am so impressed with the designs. Thank you so very much, for sharing and caring. Deb from Sunnyside, Washington USA