Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In better condition again!

Goodmorning everybody!

Wow, after I got the low energy stuff off my chest on Monday I shaked myself well and did some serious housework. Ha, two laundries were done, the bedsheets were changed, and it was not really much but a good start. Yesterday I did a bit more of that boaring housework stuff, so all is coming back to a bit normal LOL!

The weather here isn;t too bright you know. We are back in wintery temperatures, still here at the coast above zero at daytime, but the wind comes from the North and that makes it feel a lot colder. In the south of Hollad and in the countries around, as also in France there wa a tremendous snowfall again.
Gosh, I really hope this is the last breath of Mr. Winter and that he will leave real soon!

The next few months our street ( and some of the streets around) will be a mess again! We just got a letter from the city council, that there has to be done some repair or renewal of the sewage. Then you know what happens, the sidewalk will be broken up, lots of sand and difficult passage etc. And it just was opened not too long ago for some other work, and I wonder why they couldn;t do this sewage thing at about the same time?
Most sad thing is that they will cut the trees in our street, because they are placed above a part of the sewage. They already started with that. What a pity. We already doon't have too much "green" around here and now we loose a part of the trees too. They promised to plant them back after the work has been done, but it will not be the same!

Today i want to do a bit more of the housework, LOL, but first I will have to go out for a few groceries and also to the bank for some bills to pay. They keep coming and even sometimes unexpected ones, which I like not at all. But somehow we will manage, I hope, to get through that "mountain"of bills that always show up around this time of  year.

I just came from Linda's blog, among others I alwys go to when I get to the computer in the morning, and she made a fantastic quickpage with the kit Fabuloso, and she even made her bloglayout with it on her other blog. Worth to take a look!
Kit of today is much darker of color than the last ones, but I hope you will still like it. It's named Portraits of the Past, Arlene did again some marvels with it.
I made two downloads for this one and also split the Fabuloso kit in two, because some of you have trouble downloading the "heavier kits".
 Now I must slowly get into action, it doesn;t look very nice outside, no sunshine, even some dark clouds appear. Hopefully I will stay dry.
Have a terrific day!

Download     part 1
Download     part 2

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

What a really pretty looking kit! I love the colors and the little dog is adorable.

I agree about Winter leaving. It's supposed to snow back home a couple days after I get there. Gosh, and I was hoping to get out and work in the garden.

I'm glad to hear that your energy is coming back. I think the long Winter is getting to all of us.

I think I'll have me another cup of coffee now. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning! Hope you stay dry on your excursion for groceries. I don't like cloudy dreary looking days either, but I guess the earth does need a drink every so often. Street repairs really are awfully inconvenient, but that too has to be renewed occasionally as well. All our major highways here in this area are under construction. Some just to renew, some to enlarge and some to add mass transit areas while others are just adding HOV lanes (faster travel for workers only) but all at once? No way to go and miss it! LOL!
Thanks again for another beautiful kit. Thank Arlene for her share too! Hope your sunny skies return real soon! Hugs, Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely kit and clusters...

HappyScreens said...

A dark kit maybe, but quite lovely with the flowers to brighten it. Arlene illustrated that very well. Thank you both!
I hope your spring weather comes soon. Ours has been a tease with spring one day and winter the next. Oh well, March is usually like that.

Anonymous said...

c'est toujours un grand plaisir de visiter votre site,merci beaucoup pour tout ce que vous nous offrez.

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic kit,Thanks so much for sharing it for free