Monday, January 28, 2013

Snow almost disappeared!!

Goodmorning everybody!

Saturday I was a brave girl, cause I went to the market. And I started walking when it still was snowing, which wasn't a bad thing. Because of that, the walking was easier, it covered up a bit of the slippery parts. Halfway it stopped snowing and hte temperature wasn't bad at all.
I didn;t buy a lot there, but I had 2 kilo's of mandarines just for 2 euro! Well, try to buy that in a supermarket. No way!
And I bought a piece of our favourite cheese, onl;y to find there.. I didn;t linger long at the market, they said that later in the day it could become very slippery, we could have sleet. Well, that isn;t nice at all, so no lingering.
Still it was nice to have been in the air for a while.
In the evening we watched the World Championship Sprint( speed skating) and it not finished till rather late, so result was that I slept very long on Sunday morning.
Then I went to the omputer, first installed a new chat program( I took the free version of Skype), because windows messenger quits. well, I am proud to say I seemed to have installed it well, because later I had long chat with my friend Snowy, so you can imagine I didn't do much else the rest of the day LOL.
In the evening again the skating, and yeah, the World champion at the men's department is a Dutch guy and we also have the 3rd place there. Wow, it was an exciting event.
Also the ladies had the racing to do, there we weren;t as successful as with the men, I have to congratulate my American visitors there with their World champion speed skating sprint!

After a good night sleep I woke up much earlier than yesteray, and I am glad, now I have more time during the day to do some really necessary things here in the house.!
And I will have to think about some answers to questions that came along with an award I received.
I will do that, but I need a bit of time for it.
As I looked out of the window this morning, a big smile came on my face! Almost all snow has disappeared. Yeah, after the bit of snowfall on saturday, Sunday it started to thaw and this week we will have temperatures around  7 till even 10 C , now THAT is good news!
Hopefully we will not have a "fall-back" later on, at the end of Fevbruary/ start of March. It often happens here that we get another period of cold and freezing!

Tomorrow isa little bit special day, because then my hubby will have his birthday, and yes, he also will have 60 years of age then. My God, where have all the years disappeared to LOL!
Okay we will not have a party, but I will think of something nice for dinner tomorrow.
Thne next week I must think of a little present for Séverine, the daughter of Heidi, who will have her birthday. Ghee, that child will have 11 years already. Becoming quite a little lady now.

Now this girl has to get moving around a bit. I first will have a nice, long shower and then really will do some inspiring things like, washing machine, vacuum cleaning, dusting, and such LOL.
I truly hope that soon we will have a phonecall from Jan;s doctor about his back. That still is not good, and that needs to be handled first. It's taking too long now, he needs to get rid of it, and he will feel much much better, cause the fluid retention stuff is a lot better now and under control you could say.
I feel so sorry for him, I can do nothing to make him feel better and that's frustrating, you know!
Okay, we keep up the spirit and some day it will be gone, I hope so.

To the freebie now. It's "Fresh Beginning", with Arlene's clusters.
Have a great start of the week, see you on Wednesday.
Download   HERE

Download    HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

U have been a very busy girl, to market and all in ugly weather is always a chore! Glad your temperature is beginning to come up some. Here today it is like March (75F)instead of January with a storm front coming that is to produce some severe storms and maybe hail. Glad my handyman is coming today to do work as there is 70% chance of storms tomorrow!
Happy Birthday to Jan tomorrow, he is still young at 60! LOL! Hope his back problems straighten out soon, I know how miserable that is!
Yea for the Dutch winning in the men's speed skating! Good for you!
Thanks for stopping in to view and comment on my Cinderella page for my great niece Hayden! She is a real cutie for sure...4 years old!
Have a great day and thanks for the great gift from you and Arlene! Chat again on Wednesday! Hugs, Mat

Linda said...

Hello Kyra and Arlene, Thank you for these lovely downloads.
Also wishing Jan a Happy Birthday for tomorrow.
I hope you all have a great day...

Edna B said...

Well, congratulations to Jan. I hope his birthday is a happy day. 60 years is a good age! I hope they find what is wrong with his back too. It's not fun living with back pain.

Your new kit is lovely, and Arlene's clusters are fabulous! I will have to see about making a new layout now. Hmmmm. I hope your good weather lasts, and you have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

Robin Douglas said...

another beautiful kit ty ":)

Anonymous said...

Awh that is so sweet. <3

tmmarx said...

Thank you for the darling kit. You are so generous to share your talent.

Inspector Clouseau said...

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halinaness said...

Thank you for Freebie

halinaness said...

Thank you for Freebie

halinaness said...

Thank you for Freebie