Monday, January 21, 2013

I've made a layout, which has been long ago!

Goodmorning everybody!

Still winter over here. Yesterday we even had some more snow, and the winter weather is causing some problems on the roads and also on the railways.
Glad I don't have to use either of them LOL!
And no, today I am not going out.
I did on Saturday for a moment, but I didn;t take my camera with me. So no pictures to show you.
And can you imagine how stupid people can be?
When it's going to freeze there are a lot of people who like skating on the lakes and canals, as we call it "on open water".
But after just a few days of mild freezing the ice isn;t yet safe, not thik enough. And still there are dumbo's who go out there and try it. With result that already a few had to be resuced out of the ice/water becaused it cracked.
Is the winter weather freezing their brains or what???
Everywhere on signs, on tv, in newspapers there are warnings not to yet on the ice and still people do it anyway.

Yesterday evening we watched a sweet film, titled "No Reservations". It had all in it, some sadness, some humour and some romance.
In short it's about a young women who is succesful as a chef cook, but suddenly has to take care of her niece of about 9 years old, because the mother and she were in a traffic accident and the mother died.
Well, Kate has no idea how to handle the situation, but she tries her best. Then in the restaurant where she is chef they hired an extra chef, because Kate was on leave for some days.
You can guess, what happens there. She is pissed off, but the other chef is a nice guy and also a good cook.
End of story is , of course, romantic. They come together, and Zoe, the child, is happy with that and they start their own restaurant. Everybody happy. Love that kind of films.

Last week I have made a layout, and I cannot rememeber when I've made the last one LOL!
Perhaps some of you have seen it already on Miss Edna's blog(link in sidebar), but I will show it anyway. I made it. because I finished a kit and wanted to see, how a layout would look and I am rather happy with it, although the papers are dark in general.
I will post the kit later, have to make still a preview of the clusters Arlene made for htis one.
The word art I used is from Random thoughts at Linda's Place.
Oh. by the way, you could take a look there, because she has made a couple of lovely quickpages with some of my kits.

Here's the layout, with Mr. Pogo as the star LOL!
This week Jan has to go to his specialist in the hospital for another appointment and check up. I am thinking of going with him(he doesn;t know that yet LOL). He still has trouble with his back, and it doesn;t help to get fit again. So if possible I want to speak with his doctor about that and may be (although she is a liver and such specilist) she can send him to a fysio in the hospital? It might be an option, don;t you think? Who knows, it might help, perhaps he just needs a couple of seesions and he will feel a lot better. Otherwise I know, he will not go to his regular doctor for it, he still thinks it will go away by itself. Oh, sometimes men are soooooooooooo difficult to handle LOL!

Well, we'll see if my little plan works out.

Okay, time to finish this post and it might be a good day to do some ironing. Not sure about it yet, but I know it has to be done, grin!
Today I have the kit "Where Paths Meet"for you, with arlene's clusters of course. Warm colours of the papers will make surely a little treasure of a layout.
Have a splendid day!
Download     HERE

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Thank you for showing your layout with my pogo. I could look at it all day. I love it!

You are right to go with Jan for his appointment and speak to the doctor if you can. Men don't always know how to take best care of themselves. Good luck with it.

We still have some snow on the ground, just a little, but the cold temps are back. Brrr.

I'm at work now and have to go check on the Mrs. You have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning! I have seen that movie and I enjoyed it a lot too! I like Catherine Zeta Jones!
Hope Jan's check up goes well and that you get to go and inquire about his back, yes, men are not pleasant to work with when they are ill! LOL!
Love the page you did of Pogo! Isn't he just too adorable? Very pretty layout! Just love Linda's wordart too so perfect for this!
Thanks for the kit and Arlene's clusters! Hope you have a marvelous week ahead! Hugs!! Mat

Anonymous said...

Love your beautiful blog. Always looking forward to reading your personal stories too, it adds a more personal touch and connects people together. Thank you so much for all the lovely clusters and sharing your gorgeous art work.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely kit and the clusters.
The page with Pogo looks great...

HappyScreens said...

I love that Arlene used those great cats, lovely frames and the beautiful green bird. Thank you both.