Wednesday, January 30, 2013

BIG NEWS for The Netherlands.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, Monday evening at the news of 19.00 hours, we heard important news. There was a speech of our Queen Beatrix, announcing her abdication of the throne in favour of her son Prince Willen Alexander. I have found a very good article about if wtitten i the Guardian, so I will give you the link, where you can read it in English, and if you want they also have lots of pictures of our queen.
But it was Big News! We somehow counted a bit with it, that perhaps this year she would announce her abdication, but still it was a surprise, the more while it all will take place on the 30th of April this year, just in about 3 months.
So we will have a king again after about a 100 years. His wife, Maxima will be queen then.
Oh, I will be at the television that day, because it will be a special moment and I am sure it will be very impressive. 
Here is the link:

You can imagine that the last couple of days there was much talking about this announcement. In almost every program on tv, something was said about it, some serious reactions, but also a lot of speculations of "experts". That always makes me laugh.

Well, yesterday was Jan's birthday, which we spent in tranquility LOL! But I've made somehting real yummie for dinner. I had big prawns, marinated them in oil, a little bit of soya sauce, some pepper and salt, paprika, parsill and lots of garlic. And I fried them  just a couple of minutes, just enough that they colored a bit pink/ apricot. To that we just had a green salad and french bread with an aoili.  
Best of all is that you can, and should eat the prawns with your hands. Well, you should have seen us yesterday, our hands dripping of the oil, of course, trying to remove the  thin shell of the prawns, which wasn't so difficult. Hmmm, it tasted sooooo good!

I think I said that I would take a few pics, didn;t I? Sorry, I still didn't. I am hopeless I know.
Some day I will do it, better not promise it anymore LOL!
But I had to do also something else. I received an award from my friend Edna, from Miss Edna's place. And it needed some thinking, to answer the questions coming with it.
Here we go:

The rules are pretty easy: 
(1) Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you. 
(2)  Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back to them. 
(3)  Answer the five simple questions. 
(4) Nominate blogs for the award and notify  each of them. 
(5) Display the award on your blog somewhere.

Here are my answers to the questions, and I must say it isn;t easy at all. I could give more answers to the questions, but.... you are only allowed to give one.

1.  If you could change one thing, what would you change?
     There are lots of things, but perhaps make an end to all wars.
     So much pain, destruction, violence, I think it never can justifie
     any cause. Why people still haven't learned that in the end everybody
     is a looser? We have the possibility of speech, so why can;t we try
     to solve it by talking and negociation?

2.  If you could repeat an age, what would it be?
     Every age has specials, so that is hard to answer. But to be 24 again, why not?
     But best would be to repeat that age, with the knowledge I have now.

3.  What is one thing that really scares you?
     Growing disconcern and indiffenrence  for eachother in the whole world.

4.  What is one dream you have not completed, and do you think you'll be able to complete it?
     Had some and completed some, and one should be happy with it. And everybody has one or two almost
     impossible dreams, like being rich, I would like that thought, to have enough to buy us a little
     house, 3 rooms or so, well-built and some spare  money to hire people if anything has to
     be repared. And some money left to make a few people a bit happier.

5.  If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be? 
     Not a specific person, but I think it would be great to be someone very clever,
     Like e.g. Curie, and find the cure for all cancers.

Now the blogs, which isn;t easy either. Edna pinched already one of them, Mat's Memories, so I will have to think of a few others.

Linda of 
Snowy of

Not so much blogs, but I think nice ones.

Well, time to hop to the freebie and then get dressed and do something yes!
Kit is "Tenerezza".We all can do sometimes with a moment of tenderness, isn;t it?
Have a wonderful day!

Download    HERE

Download     HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

O it was big news here yesterday about your beloved Queen Bea abdicating! I thought of you right away! Just 3 days before her 75th birthday! Nice long reign and I am sure she is tired especially with all that traveling back and forth each week to see her son in the coma!
Thanks for the link to the article!
Glad you and Jan celebrated his birthday quietly with good food, it sounds delicious!
I did not get to post my award yesterday as we had severe storms, so I had my computer off! Will try doing it today! Going to be hard pressed to think of some blogs now! LOL!
Thanks for the lovely kit and thank Arlene as well for her gift of the clusters! Have a good Wednesday, see you on Friday!
Hugs, Mat

Edna B said...

What a fabulous kit. I love the little girl/doll with the teddy bear. Your birthday dinner for Jan sounds scrumptious! I used to make a lobster dinner for my brother and my hubby on their birthday. They shared the same birth date.

I just dropped Pogo off at a new groomer, and am waiting for the call to come and pick him up. I'll have to take a photo to post tomorrow.

Now I think I'll make a bit of lunch. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...

tmmarx said...

Thank you for this precious kit and add ons. I love the little girl.

HappyScreens said...

Thanks, the soft pink and green are so nice for little girls, Easter, etc.

Handmaiden Dotty said...

Perfect time for you to post this beautiful kit. My great granddaughter's 11th birthday is Feb 10 and I plan to make a "brag book" for her since she is about to outgrow her dolls. The girl with doll reminds me so much of her. Thank you and God bless you and Jan.

Eliany said...

Beautiful Kit, thank you :)

Snowy aka Silke said...

lol, thanks for picking me.... I will dobut I really do not have any blogs I can think of to pass it on to.Lots of work designing...reparing...hmmmm????I'm off work Sunday (although sleeping most of the day after night shift)Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday
Hugs Snowy

Hummerdawn said...

Here is a link for a birthday card I made for my sister for tomorrow using the beautiful kit "Tenerzza." Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work~