Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Snail-killer strikes again!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh, it was a wonderful feeling going out yesterday, looking at the sky a bit suspicious, because it looked like it was going to rain, but outside it felt so nice temperature speaking. You could feel the sun behind the clouds and it even peeped out now and then. I kept it dry, did my shopping full of energy and home I went into the garden first to have a look at it.
But..I promised myself to do first the bed. Nicely covered with fresh duvet covers and all.
Then took a quick sandwich an went into the garden again. Inspecting the seedlings in full ground and the new planted plants, I could say, some of it looked still not too bad, but oh, especially Jan is soooooooo sad! He planted out last week his seedlings from the sunflowers, quite a bunch, but yesterday, all was left was ONE! The rest had been swallowed by snails, most likely.
So I rescued the last of the Mohicans, planted it back in a pot and gave it a secure place(I hope), at least it has a chance to survive and still grow out to be a real sunflower.
Then I had lots of seedlings of perennial climbing sweet peas, screaming out to me:"We need more room, my neighbour is standing on my feet!!!". So I put them out in pairs in a bit bigger pot, and also had the nerve, to plant a few out in the full ground. It was ncessary, cause they already had looong roots, ghee, I never had thought they would be develloped this size already!
This all done, I thought it was time to already cook some potatoes, and have time to let them cool off and then fry them for dinner. Good plan, only ................ when they were cooking, I had a break and watched a serie on tv, and ..........completely forgot them!
Lucky Jan came home and turned the heat off, but by then the harm already was done, my nice and tasty new potatoes were almost black! I could hit myself on the head for it, why do I always forget those things? I know I have to pay attention, but then get distracted by something and it happens.
So I quickly scrubbed the pan( it just wasn;t to the point of no-return blackened, pffffff) and put on fresh potatoes. This time I made sure I went checking in time!!!!!!
After dinner I thought it might be a good time to check the garden again. Temperature still was nice, it had rained just a whee bit, and that time of day, with a bit of humid condistion it seems to be holiday time for naked snails. I saw first a few ones, but after a while there were again bunches of them, in all sizes!
Of course they are all over the garden, but certainly concentrating in some ground covering plants, like campanula. Ha, my snail hunting heart was jumping of joy! ROFL!
I picked up dozens of them, really. Now I hope it helped a bit to save my plants.
Have to go out after dinner today again, keeping up this "murder action" should do some good, grin grin.

I did make some more pictures this weekend and I promised yout to show them.
Here one of the Bleeding Heart:
This one if of the seedlings of sugar snaps, I really believe we might have a small harvest later this year, they look good at least!
Here some pansies, they survived from last year, and in the beginning they looked a bit pityfull, but they are doing more and more their best, to look like real plants! Isn;t that great?

And yes, I couldn;t resist taking a snapshot of my cats. The first is Brodski, enjoying every sunray he can get and just waking up from a loooong nap, the second is of Dikkie Dik, on a probably interesting survey.

I have some links for great quickpages for you to download. One is Miriam's blog, where Mat has two qp's made with the Carnevale Veneziano kit, and one of Linda's blog, a qp made with the Mama's Specila day kit. Visit them to snatch these lovely goodies. And leave a comment please!
Oh, wanted to thank a lot of you, for leaving such sweet thank you's to me and Arlene too. They really make a day start with a smile.!

Oh boy, this looks to end in a very long posting, I better finish it now, before you get tired of me, grin!
Arlene made a bunch of clusters and two "ploppers"too with the Garden Song kit. I made two previews for them, otherwise they just didn't show up nice enough, but it's in one download.

 Download Arlene's 'Garden Song clusters   HERE

 My kit for you is one in a two color scheme, pink and grey. Perhaps not at first sight a combination that looks attractive, but I think you can make some wonderful layouts with it. Try stacking two different color papers together, might give a nice view! Anyway, here you have "Be Quiet".
Have a fantastic day!

Download     HERE


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (please, notice the new url for my blog), under the Page 5 post on May. 09, 2012. Thanks again.

Bright Eyes said...

Kyra, I happen to love pink and grey... so very happy with the colors in this kit. Thanks again for sharing.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
I know it's been a while since I came and left a comment or two.So sorry.:( Jim got my computer running again and I am still finding things that need to be tweaked etc. It sure feels good to be able to use it again.:)
I think I finally caught up with your blog posts. So sorry you are having problems with all those snails.We haven't had problems with snails yet.Hopefully we won't in the future either.Christy started a garden almost two weeks ago and she is thrilled that she can already see things growing in there.Funny thing..she found a birds feather in her garden and said she left it there as a warning to other birds leave her garden alone.LOL
LOVE your pics of your garden and all those lovely flowers! My azalea bush was loaded with buds and then all of a sudden the bush has all kinds of blossoms on it.I have two white azaleas and three or four peachy pink ones.:)The only flowers I have around since Jimmy is allergic to bees. Don't want to invite them where they aren't wanted. KWIM?
Thanks so much for sharing your Beautiful kits with me. LOVE THEM!
Guess I had better leave something to say for my next visit.LOL

Huge hugs,

Fairy Godmother said...

hi Kyra

check out the cat on my blog. Sadly george is no longer with us. but when he was younger he looked just like your ginger boy

btmo-pat said...

Good Morning Kyra; Thank you for todays and all gifts from both you and Arlene. Arlene sure makes some gorgeous pages and clusters. It is wet weather here in Ontario Canada and the trees and plants are welcoming the rain and humidity. With it comes those pesky fishfly bugs and those other tiny ones that hang in bunches about the head and like to fly into the nose and mouth should it be open LOL Here too are a ton of snails both large and babies, climbing up on every plant they can. We decided to put down the rocks around the plants and crushed egg shells to keep them away. Joe went and bought 6 bottles of beer on Saturaday and in the ground, away from the gardens we did dig some holes and put in some small tin cans and filed them half way with beer. It all seems to be working. They do love the wetness LOL So I am off to do some errands I wish you and Jan a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...

Priscilla said...

Very pretty kit, thanks for sharing it!!