Monday, April 09, 2012

Animal gifts!!

Goodmorning everybody!

I hope you had a great Easter Sunday. Here Easter isn;t over yet, we do it in 2 days.
Well, I don;t have too much to tell, not much activity around here LOL!
Friday afternoon I did a  bit of dusting and vacuum cleaning, so Saturday could be spend otherwise.
And so we did. I just got out to buy the weekend paper and returned home.
Later in the afternoon Jan and I were watching some tv and at a certain point looked at eachother,knoodded yes, and weboth took a little nap on the couches ROFL. But not for as long as we thought, cause we suddenly woke up by the doorbell and who were there? Heidi and family, just dropping by to wish us a happy Easter. So we took something to drink, chatted a little bit and then they went home again. Nice surprise.

Sunday I spent some time at the computer, how wonderful and for dinner we had our shrimps and potatoesalad and it was real yummie!!!
It's a pity that the weather isn;t too bright, well, yesterday there was still some sunshine, but temperature wasn;t to be excited about. And in the eveing it started to rain and looking at the sky at the moment I guess there will be some more.
Oh well, we have it nice and cosy and warm inside and I am sure this will be another day of not too much activity, LOL.
Oh boy, our cats have the same idea, at the moment they are both on the couch far off in dreamland. can tell spring is there, cause they go out a bit more. Have to tell you this. Friday night I went to bed and most of the time Brodski is coming with me, but it happens he first goes out for a moment in the garden to do his "needs". So while I was getting my pyama on I heard Brodski come in again, but producing a very strange sound. Hmmmmm, usually I know what that means. Okay, I went looking int the hallway and there he was, with a present for me in his mouth! Yeah, a little field mouse.
What to do? I could remove the creature from his mouth(poor thing was dead already) and threw it in the garbage can. And complimented Brodski for his wonderful hunt-quality. You cannot punish a cat for it, it's just their instict.
And yesterday evening he did it again! Hopefully the coming time he will let them in peace.

I have for you a wonderful freebie from Arlene, made with the Men's Emporium kit.
Download     HERE

And I thought, that after this "greyish"kit, we could do again with some happier colours, I think my friend Edna will like this, she likes orange LOL! It's a very happy and springy kit, named "Wonderful Day".
I somehow have the feeling I forgot something to tell, well, if so, it will come back to me, next time. If not, it couldn;t have been too important or interesting, ROFL.
I wish you all a very happy day!
Download  HERE


Edna B said...

Good morning, Kyra. You're right, I love your orange kit. It's a bit on the cooler side here too, but it's still early. Only 6:30 a.m.

I have an appointment this morning, and then I hope to have a nice quiet day too. I have lots of work to catch up on my laptop. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Apr. 09, 2012. Thanks again.

suruha said...

Hi, there! I hope all is well with you! Aren't our pets generous? LOL When we lived in the country, our momma cat would bring in mice, quail, snakes, lizards, you name it, so she could teach her babies how to hunt. LOL It was fun! Ya never knew what 'surprises' would be waiting for you when you came home in the evening.

I have a question, please. I saw the link you posted in your comment today on Edna's blog, for InSite Designs. Where do you download the free textures? I tried right-clicking to a new tab, but, the image was tiny. What do I need to do? She has some wonderful textures and 'recipes'! Thank you!

I must be off, I have so many things I want to do today!


Anonymous said...

Hello and Thank you for the lovely downloads...