Friday, February 24, 2012

I knew it, in some things I am unlucky.

Goodmorning everybody!

Finally tried to get my printer working again yesterday, but till now no luck. But I almost could feel this would happen LOL! May be I will give it another try, but I am too thinking very hard about another printer. They don;t cost a lot these days, well,you can make it as expensive as you want, but the thing you also have to look at are the cartridges you need for the printer. Some printers are real cheap but have expensive cartridges, sometimes it's better to buy a little more expensive printer, which will pay itself almost back cause the cartridges are less expensive or you can easily buy compatible ones, which saves also some money.
I just want to find a simple printer, that prints out and a lot of them are "all-in-ones"which can be practicle sometimes, but to be honest I just want a printer that prints and nothing more LOL. If possible I will not buy one from HP, that's the brand I have now and always was a bit tricky. And the cartridges are also rather expensive.
May be I will find one from Canon or Epsom, some of them have rather good reviews from users.
Okay, we will think it over for a day or two more and then we'll see what I will end up with.

I received a nice mail with the request to offer a quickpage the lady had made with the kit Eveline. Of course that was okay, it's a freebie for personal use made by Linda and you can download it from her blog
Here a preview of the page, real beautiful!

Weather today isn;t looking all too bright, sky is all grey, I hope it will clear up a bit later today.
Then I have to go out, to make some copies of formulas needed for the tax declaration, which comes back every year. Jan wanted it to do ourselves this year to save a bit of money, but I am really no good in it and thought this year I can let the accountant do it again. Oh whee, I think Jan will be not amused, but sending it all to the accountant will give me a great peace of mind and that's nice.

One of the things we have to mention and give copies of is the tax the city council is charging you for the house you live in. It's a certains percentage of the value of the house, I received the papers yesterday and you know what it strange? The valuing of the house has the same amount as it had last year, and I wonder how that is possible, with the crisis going on, bad sales of houses at the moment, prices dropping every month, but to them it has the same value. That bills aren;t the lowest ones to pay, but you cannot do much about it.
Oh, how nice was life when we were real young, not having to bother about bills of all sorts to pay, just living day by day, just having to worry a bit about the school and the tests and exams you had to do, I would gladly go back to it ROFL.

I think it's time to finish the post now, just have to choose which kit I will offer you know. Yes, I know, it will be "Carnevale Veneziano". Hopefully you can do something nice with it.
Have a fantastic weekend!
Download     HERE


Edna B said...

What a pretty kit! So sorry to hear of your printer woes. I have an Epson and a Brother, and I have to say that I am quite pleased with both of them.

As for the taxes, I let the accountant do them. That's one headache I don't need. It's snowing here. Surprise!! It's all supposed to be gone before the day is over. I'm at work and it's time to get busy here. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Feb. 24, 2012. Thanks again.

crosstown said...

I hope you get your printer working. We have had lots of snow today. Thank you for the kit

Anonymous said...

I am using an older Epson. A stylus cx7450. has top built in scanner. can load camera memory cards too. It's pretty neat, prints good. Ink is on the cheaper side but not too cheap. I try to hold out for the sales LOL, rare these days. The next printer I want to get is one that prints larger, like 12x12.
Thank you for today's gift :)
Oh, we are having a rain storm today. Heard it's suppose to snow up to 15". LOL I'd like to see that. It would be the most snow, combined, for the entire winter here so far LOL.
Enjoy your weekend
Pat M

Linda said...

Printers can cause problems LOL I have a Canon MP470 and I love it. Easy directions and you can print on almost anything.
Thank you again for allowing me to post the qp, I might have another one using that "White" kit. Hugs to you always