Friday, December 16, 2011

Dark days before Christmas

Goodmorning everybody!

The last two days I tried not to be too busy, but some things I accomplished. One great thing to mention: yesterday was the first day I was around without taking the "back-pills"or a paracetamol! Yippee!! But I notice, I still have to be careful, nevertheless I was able to change the sheets from the bed, but after I wringled the duvet cover around the duvet for two and made the bed look nice again, it was time to give the back a little rest LOL.
But still I am happy that I could do without the medication. Let;s hope it stays this way.
It was a good day to stay in the house yesterday, almost all day long it rained on and off, was rather windy and really grey. Well, we are arriving at the darkest days of December, and although I like the light and long days in summertime, these days have their own charm. When at daytime it is rather dark, the lights in the Christmastree and in the house are sparkling even with more enthousiam, and it looks marvellous!
It looks to be a tiny little bit better today, so I will go out, for not too long, a bit of fresh air will do me good. And I want to try to bake some simple cookies this weekend. Although I like to cook, I never really made cookies or cake, not that I can remember. Funny, but true!
Oh, yes, I found another recipe that I really want to try out. It's for Sweet Gnocchi. This one is made from mashed potatoes and some flower and a few more ingredients, there is also another that is a bit the same, for German Knudel, but that is made from flower and yeast, with fruit in the middle. They remind me of wonderful holidays I had with my parents in former Yugoslavia, where we were at the house of great friends of my parents. And the lady friend made them often. It brings back a lot of memories, of very happy times, friendship, cosyness and love!
I am not sure if Jan will like them but I think he will give them a try. He ALWAYS tastes what I am cooking, and he seldom is very critical, so nice. But I can tell by the way he is eating if he really likes it. He is never too generous with compliments in words to me , but I know he is proudly talking about it to other people, and then he says I am a rather good cook, specially when I make dinner parties for friends. Isn;t that sweet??? When I ask if he likes something I made, he answers most of the times: "Oh, it's allright". And to know if it's more than "allright"I will have to take a quick look at his face, and when there is the beginning of a teasing smile  around his mouth, I know it's more than "Allright"! Yeah, I know, we are a funny couple ROFL.

The Christmas goodies aren't done with yet, so here is another Christmas kit I've made, "Extravagant Christmas".  It's mostly done in black and gold with a touch of red, looking rather chic!
Take care and have a marvellous weekend!
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Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. Perhaps your back is finally on the mend? That is wonderful. It's not daylight here yet, and it's wet and windy outside.

Enjoy baking your cookies. Now I'm off to get ready for work. You have a fantastic day, hugs, Edna B.

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 9 post on Dec. 16, 2011. Thanks again.

crosstown said...

So glad that your back is feeling better and thanks for the lovely elegant kit

Anonymous said...

thank you lovely

Ann said...

Thank you so much for your generosity!!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you so much for this download...