Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Feeling much better.

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, I can say my back is feeling much better, although it still isn't over completely, so must be careful a bit with my movements. But let's face the bright side, it's already a lot better.

I'll start with an award I received from Zaza, from
This award is for the Beautiful Women (and Men)
who grace us with their talents
in the Tagger Community.
The intent of this award is to pass it on
to the Designer, Tagger, or Artist
who has inspired you with their endless talent
and who has touched your heart.
There are many out there

Once you have received this award
Please pass it on to five blogs
to show some love
for those who truly are BEAUTIFUL.
Let's see how far we can pass this on !!! 

I always find it hard to make a choice, but I managed to find 5 blogs. The first one is from Valinda, because long time ago when I just started digiscrapping and designing, she made so many wonderful quickpages, she offered for free on her blog,.When you go to her blog, just jump into the older archives and you will find many wonderful quickpages, you still can download. Lately she is more in the card-making, and does an excellent job in that too!
Thanks Val, for your inspiration! And she became a true internet friend over the years too!
Do take time to visit the blogs, they all are talented ladies, all with their own style and if you do, leave a little message, because that will bring a smile to some faces. And what is better than to be able with a small effort, to bring a smile to another one's face???

Monday was really a house cleaning day. Jan was a great help, cause he knew I still had my backproblems, so in the morning(it was already late morning LOL), I first had a warm shower and then turned on the washing machine. Then I started preparing for dinner, I wanted to make a potatoe salad, so when busy in the kitchen I thought it might be a good idea to take the curtains of the front window and put them into the sink, so they could soak a bit. But then saw Jan was already busy cleaning the windows at the outside and it was already a big difference when he finished, hahaha. We took a little break for a cup of coffee and then he took off the curtains and washed also the windows inside. I put the curtains in the water( wheee, it quickly got a strange colour!), went on with the salad preparing, refreshed the water, finished the salad, gave a quick hoovering just in the living room( that's all my back would allow me) in the mean time the curtains were dripping of in the garden. There was some sunshine so they could dry rather quick, Jan took them still a bit wet and hang them back ( that way they don't wrinkle). Oh, I even did a little bit of ironing too.
Then it was time to have a little rest again, and Jan went out for a little ride on his bike.
Now I fear that one of these days the curtains at the back of the room( the large ones) are in need of a washing too! If we still have the weather like we have now, it might be a good time. And perhaps Jan will be so good again to take care of the windows LOL!

Yesterday it was shopping time again, the usual stuff, potatoes, coffee, something for the sandwich, etc. I was happy I could do that again, took a little bit slower pace and watched wel how I bended over in the supermarket, to not overdo it cause of my back. All went well and as we still had potatoe salad left I just had to prepare something with it, which was a filled chicken filet( almost cut in half the filet, give it some banging to make it thinner and bigger, then put on some slices of salami and some slices of mozarella, fold it all together, stick some toothpicks in it to hold it together, some pepper and salt on it). Frie it on a medium fire, turning it over several times and it's yummie!
In the afternoon Jan went for a little walk  and came back with two speakers for our stereao. We have two, but as we have a large room, it's better two have two pairs of them, each at one end of the room. We had four of them but one pair died some time ago. You will not belive what he payed for the new pair!
Just € 5,00!!! He found them in that second hand shop where we find ofter such things. They look really like new, he tried them out as soon as he came home and they are great! So now he only has to hang them up, but first needs some speaker wire. He will buy that one of these days, may be even today, because it might happen we take a walk to the market.

I was reading teletexte this morning(as I always do when I have my 1st coffee) to know the latest news and read that the Christmastreed will be more expensive this year, about 20%! It seems that the last couple of years there were more than enough trees coming from Denmark and the retailers didn't bother to plant new trees. And now there are still trees, but a excuses to ask a higher price! They are having nerves, don;t they?
So I am glad I have an artificial one, LOL! It's not quite the same as a real one, but nicer for nature and nicer for our wallet.
Hmm, enough rambling again, so time for the last two parts of the Ambiance kit. In the last part I've made you a stacked paper quicpage. Probably I will put on a whole kit on Friday, might even be a Halloween kit! To know for sure you will have to come on Friday again to take a look ROFL.
Have a wonderful day!

Download     part 5 HERE

Download    part 6 HERE


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
What a WONDERFUL surprise you have for me!! How SWEET! Thank you so much for the COOL award!!:)Thank you for making me feel so special today!!You are a true internet friend to me too!!:)
I am sooo happy your back is beginning to feel better.Slow and easy does it!:)
I was looking at my windows yesterday thinking I needed to get outside to clean them.You are making me look bad!LOL So happy Jan was helping you with the cleaning.Jim has so many other projects going..he can hardly keep up with them these days.They seem to take a bit longer to accomplish the older we get.LOL
Your stuffed chicken sounds yummy!:)
Thank you so much for sharing your lovely kit with me!!! :)LOVE IT!
Have a FANTASTIC day my friend!:)


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Oct. 19, 2011. Thanks again.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you so much for the 6 Ambiance downloads...

Diana said...

Hello Kyra

Thank you so much for the beautiful award!

Very sweet of you!

Have a wonderful day..:)

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the Graphics category today [19 Oct 09:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

mudra tv said...

Beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a mudra.. thanks and God bless.. by pR

Anonymous said...

WOW !! such beautiful is this Christmas. The season is nigh and your wonderful generousity will be used with love this season. Thanks Once again for sharing your beauties. Hugs.. Annette (Australia)