Monday, May 16, 2011

I've designed a little bit.

Goodmorning everybody!

In comparison with about a week ago I was rather busy on Friday! I first did some shopping. Had to go out twice, because in one supermarket they didn;t had all I needed. Then I also gave most of the house a hoovering. And I did turn the washing machine and hang the stuff outside in the sun. Well, it doesn;t sound for much, but about a week ago and certainly two weeks ago, I couldn;t have done that, really. I might be a bit on the way back, depends also a bit on the blood test results, let's hear first if they found something there.
Saturday Jan and I walked to the market, just for the walk, but perhaps to get us some fruit and veggies. Well, we came home with loads of fish LOL. It was soo crowded at the market, that we decided not to walk all over it and come back perhaps Wednesday for the fruit etc.
Today the weather isn;t looking very nice, it's a bit grey, windy, looks as if there might be a bit of rain and temperature fell down. Let's not complain about it, we already had so many wonderful almost summery days, but of course I hope it soon will settle itself again and that it will come to about 75 F with sunshine. Would be very nice.
Yesterday I even did spend a bit of time in the kitchen, to prepare us a "real"meal, LOL. And I even made us a dessert myself. Half a pear, poched in sugar water for a few minutes, with whipped cream and warm chocolate sauce. Yummie. And we even had some whipped cream as left over, so we had that on our cup of coffee, later in the evening.
And I did a little bit of designing in the weekend. Minky made some really nice gifts and with that I've made two quickpages, which you can download at the special creative blog.

Almost time for me to get me a sandwich, or whatever to eat, get dressed and see what we will do today.
Have a wonderful day!


Edna B said...

It's good to have you back and feeling a bit more chipper. I love your new pages. They are so whimsical. You take of yourself, and don't work too hard. Your health is so important.

I'm at work, so I must get busy here. You have a fantastic day. Hugs, Edna B.

Miriam said...

Gelukkig kom jij ook langzamerhand weer uit de