Tuesday, March 01, 2011

It's grey again.

Goodmorning everybody!

Wow, yesterday was a quiet day, though I did get some work done too! After the posting we first watched our daily little quiz on tv and then I took my wonderful shower. It must have done a bit of magic on me, I suppose, cause all clean and freshly dressed, I took a look into the fridge and decided it needed a clean up.
So all the stuff out, and I could clean the glass shelces and inside of the fridge.
While putting all the things back again I took a good look at it and threw a few things away, there are always some little pots, or other things, that stay there far too long, amazing. So now it looks all fresh and re-organized a bit, and I felt happy about it.

Weather is still very grey here, although it looks slightly better today, at least, it still is grey but not raining at the moment. That's a good thing, because I have to do some shopping, we are in need for some bread and cat food and a few other things again. And I must not forget to take the envelope with me for the accountant to post it!
Tomorrow we will have to vote again, for the members of the province(or counties, you could say), but it is an important vote, cause the members of the Provincial States choose the members for the First Chamber(like a bit the House of Lords in England, or the Senat in America I suppose). And they are important because they look upon each new law that is offered to them by the government, and if the parties of the government coalition don;t have a majorrity there, it could become very difficult for them. Well, in a nutshell this is what the elections are about, I am very curious about the percentage of people that will go to vote and what the result will be.
So in a way it is very important and could influence the future course of our country.

After my cleaning job yesterday, I did work a bit on the new kits of the "project" and I advance slowly but steady LOL. Perhaps I should start today on another kit and leave this project on the side for a few days, we will see about that later today.
That's about it I can tell you, not too much happened, not that I mind that too much, I rather like my life to go on like a brooklet instead of a wild river, hahahahaha. May seem a bit dull but at a certain age you like things to happen, of course, but they should be nice things and other wise you can do very easily without any "shocking"events. Still you never know what life has still in store for you, and I think that isn;t such a bad thing. Suppose we were able to really look into the future and know what is going to happen to you? Well, may be sometimes it could be a good thing, so you can prepare at things, but there always will be happening things you cannot do anything about it, and then already knowing in advance they will take place???????? I don;t think it would be such a good thing.
Okay, time for me to slowly get ready to do my shopping, not before I had another coffee though! I have another full kit for you today in one of my facourite colours, named: "Delicious Plums"
Have a great day!
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