Thursday, January 13, 2011

We have Dikkie Dik back LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

Remember I told you, I missed my cat Dikkie Dik? After I finished my blogpost yesterday I went a few steps into the garden and did my whistle act, but............nothing happened. That's strange, cause normally he shows up after a while. Okay, I first got dressed then and took a sandwich and thought I might give it another try later. Had to grab some clothes out of  the backroom, so went there( that part of the house has a door, so it is kind of apart of the rest of the house). And searching the closet what to wear, I suddenly heard a "boom"and "meow, meow"and who was there? Yes, Dikkie Dik! He probably slipped into that part of the house when I picked something out of the storage there, could have been the other evening. You have to be so careful, when you go into that part of the house, it seems intriguing for the cats to sneek in there! Well, I was glad he was back again, and all is to normal again. At the moment the two brothers are sleeping rather close together(which is a new thing)on the couch on the blanket I've put there.

I was a bit creative yesterday, first i can show you a little "create-a-card"kit I've made for Minky's "Lots of Love"blog.

I just made a composition with the elements, but you can make it look all different.

And at the moment I am busy on 4, or no, even 5 kits at a time LOL! Yeah I know, that looks rather chaotic, but for the moment it works okay. If inspiration for one is lacking, I continue on another one. I even have almost ready anlarge add-on on our January weekly download kit from the forum! I had so much material, that it didn;t fit into one weeks download, so I thought I could extend that part a bit and end up with another lovely kit. But it still needs a bit of work, so you will have to wait for that.
Today I surely have to go out, for a moment, and even though the weather doesn't look too inviting, it should do me good to stretch the legs and breath some air. Have to put a bill at the bank and oh whee, must not forget to buy us the new tv-guide for the next two weeks.
Tomorrow i will have a complete kit again for you, but today I have, as a teaser, just a quickpage for you, made with this kit. I think this will happen a bit more often in future, cause it is hard work to have a kit every day. I hope you don;t mind too much if I cut that down a bit at times.
So here you go, the quickpage from the the kit "Very Grunge".Yeah, I found the "grunge"style again, LOL. But it's a great style for heritage scrapping, or a family scrapbook I think.
Now time for me to go, I hope you all have a fabulous day!
Download    HERE


Raven aka Silke(formerly Snowraven) said...

QP looks fantastic - love the colours Miriam picked ! Very gothic,lol. I have Sat,Sun ,Mon and Tue off - if you want to work on that blog I have time to help you...maybe the Add-on makes a good content for it,lol? Hugs Snowy

Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. So good to hear that your cat is back. I would be devastated if Tootsie were lost.

We got an awful lot of snow this week. There's no where left to put it. Sad to say, there's another storm coming for Tuesday. Oh joy, oh joy!! It's a good winter for hibernating!

Love your grunge look. Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.