Friday, January 21, 2011

Relaxed day.

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh my, do I have a handsome looking hubby now again! Why, you should wonder. Well, perhaps you remember he needed a new pair of teeth? They were ready yesterday! So he went there in the afternoon and came shortly after back and I asked him to smile at me. WOW! He really had teeth again and they were looking bright, but not too much, just real good natural! Especially the under part made a real difference, cause the old one had just some real short teeth, they were broken off long ago. We both had a good laugh too, because he said(and I could hear it a bit) he had in a way trouble speaking, because his tongue was held back again  LOL. I am so happy for him, it really makes a big difference. Perhaps in a few days he has to go back to the dental shop to have some minor adjustments done on the protheses, but then it should be okay.
I am glad our health insurance pays a part of the costs, about 70%, hoorray, cause a complete teeth prothese isn;t the cheapest thing to have made!

That was about the big news of yesterday. The rest of the day we had a relaxed day, I just had a laundry done, and I keep wondering how quick the machine is full of stuff every time, ha!
But today I really should do a bit of grocerie shopping, not too much, but some catfood is needed and definately coffee, and a few other things(that i should write down on a little shopping list, otherwise I might forget them).
Weather looks not too bad for going out, there is a cloudy sky, but now and then we have a sparkle of sunlight, and best of things, there isn;t much wind.
Before I forget, there is another download on the magickal scraps forum, this time from Miriam, and you really should take a look, she makes real pretty things! An as you are hopping around then already also take a look at her blog, she has some wondeful quickpages again for you!

Next week Jan and I should go to the cunstomer service of the bus and tram company, because it is decided by the "big and important"people, that the tickets for bus, tram and train are disappearing and that there will be a chip card insted. Oh joy, I think it isn't easier, lots of people are having the same experience, there are still troubles with it now and then, but as from the 3rd of February, you only can travel with this card. I am not excited about it, but nothing to do about it, you are simply forced to buy it(yes, you will have to pay € 7,50 to get it) . Hmmmmm, nothing else to do then surrender, yak. The most annoying thing about it is that only YOU can travel on that card! So let's say you have a guest staying at your house and you want to make a trip to town-centre, you'll have to buy a special day card for the guest and then he or she can take the bus or tram. When we still had tickets, you could buy e.g. a card with 15 stripes or a big one with 45 stripes on it, you just put the necessary zones(stripes) into the time clock stamping machine and if you had more persons travelling, you did that twice or more times. Very simple, and much easier.No, not all changes are changes for the best, believe me! Now you also have to check if you have enough money on your chipcard, otherwise you even cannot travel. There is a possiblity to have a card, that automatically loads money from you bankaccount to it, or you can have one, that doesn't, then you have to upload money to it. We'll take the last one, I have the feeling I have better control over it then. But it sucks, certainly when there aren't yet enough "uploading"points yet. No, for the moment I am not really happy about it.
I may have explained the whole thing a bit poorly(just have some trouble translating some special words LOL) but i think you get the idea.

Well, that was my moaning for the moment, grin=-grin, and let's go to your 3rd part of the Abbigail-kit. Then I will have time to have another coffee and then I must get moving! Soon weekend will start for all of us again and I wish you all a splendid and happy weekend! See you Monday again.
Download   PART 3 HERE


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
Thanks so much for sharing another part to your lovely kit.:)
So happy Jan got his beautiful smile back.:)Teeth make a lot of difference don't they?
Sorry you are forced to buy a card in order to travel.Nothing surprises me much any more.:(
Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend.:)


Edna B said...

Don't you know, Government is very busy finding new ways to annoy the taxpayers and make life more difficult for them. Imagine! Not being able to use the same ticket for more than one person is silly. What's the harm of taking two fares off the one ticket?

It's good that Jan has his smile back. I'll bet he's quite handsome.

We are getting buried again in snow. Oh joy! Oh joy! I really did not want to go out in this messy weather this morning, but I have to work.

You stay warm, and have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.

Raven aka Silke(formerly Snowraven) said...

Hi Kyra, sounds like the same system they use in London, also for the Underground. lol- yes it will take getting used to, I find it practical because if I plan to visit London I can top up my card via the Internet as well, and avoid waiting in a cue to buy a ticket.
Looking forward to some days off again next week.
Hugs Snowy

aquascrap said...

Now we need a photo of Jan and his teeth! Glad you wrote about your new bus ticketing system. It is being introduced here towards the end of the year/2012. Not that we use the bus much, though hubby does to go to work, I don't think it sounds like a good thing. What happens if you are stranded somewhere and need to catch public transport and don't have a card?