Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow, go away! LOL

Goodmorning everybody!

Just came from reading Edna's blog and wheeeeee, saw her pictures! Lots and lots and lots of snow overthere!
Yes, everybody has to admit that it really looks like a fairytale! But such a pity, it also causes so much trouble around! I am glad to say that snow is still disappearing here( might not be the same in other parts of Holland yet, but at the coast it is) and it was possible for me to go out yesterday, with shopping car and returning without being completely exhausted. Okay, at some places you had to plough a bit through the melting mess, but most of the way home, I could walk on the stones of the sidewalk again and that feels really good! So today I will go out again, but without shopping car! Yes, there are some bills to pay, so I will bring them to the bank, I could do it by post, but it's a good excuse to bring them there and be in the open air for a while. Yeah I know, I am old fashioned, I could have internet banking also, but I keep that off for the moment. I suppose I will have to surrender to it some time, but not yet now.
I did really some of the things I planned  yesterday, how amazing! First I went to the supermarket, then did some dust sweeping around and even did some ironing. I must have been out of my mind!! LOL.
Today some other things still are waiting for me, every day something works okay.
I still have about 10 days of Christmas decoration around. I know, lots of people get already rid of it right after Christmas, but not this old stuboorn lady!NO! It has to stay on till the 6th of Janauary, the holiday of the 3 kings that visit the manger. I always put them into the stable on that day(till then they are placed at the side of it, as if they are still travelling hahahha) and the day after will be the BIG cleaning day again. Pfffff, all the boxes out again, getting it all into them as nicely and orderly as possible, so that next year it will be easy to get them out again and find all back. And it has to be done on the 7th of January, cause the day after I want to have my "normal"house back again, on my birthday. Hmmmm, that's coming up too again, but I don;t like to think too much about it. I suppose we are growing a bit too old for that, don;t want to be reminded of my real age.Oh boy, I am in that stade of life already??????????

Did I do a bit of designing yesterday too? Yes, not too much, but for the moment it goes rather steadily. Grateful for that already LOL. Yes, ladies, don't forget to go to our forum in January too, cause we have a really beautiful weekly download for you! Okay, I know, still have to finish the December one, but believe me, January is a special one.

I have the feeling I am forgetting something to write, but if so, I may be remembering it later(is that age playing with me???). Whatever, it doesn;t matter too much, surely it isn;t something real important. Let's go to your freebie. The second part of "Memories are Golden". And then I should get moving, well, first I will take another coffee, to get my enery flowing, and then there are things to be done.
You have all a fantastic day and although everybody is a bit tired of the holidays, don;t loose all that holiday spirit from Christmas. We should try to practise the real thougt of it throughout the whole year! Yeah not easy sometimes, but worth trying!

Download     part 2 HERE or HERE


Edna B said...

I agree, SNOW, GO AWAY!! I've had my fill for a lifetime, now the cold white stuff could disappear and make me very happy!!

We leave our Christmas decorations up through the first week in January too. I like to enjoy the whole Holiday season. After that, I would like to see Spring appear. I know, I'm dreaming! lol.

I think I need some of your energy, so I'll have another cup of coffee and see if that does it. Meanwhile you stay warm, and have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.

CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [29 Dec 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria