Wednesday, December 29, 2010

End of year with problems?

Goodmorning everybody!

It seems that this year wants to have an ending in trouble LOL! Oh well, we had a fewleaks this year, some other trouble at the house, why not give Jan and Kyra another one just before New Year starts??? Bummers, yesterday evening I was in the kitchen to get us a little snack and I heard a bit of strange noise. Something like "plop, ........plop". Hey, what is that? I first thought it was the little clock we have there, it's making a bit of ticking noise, but no, it was something different. I arrived at the cv installation( the boiler) and heard a dripping sound from there. I uttered silently some not too nice words and checked. It was dripping from somewhere inside the boiler. Oh how great. I called Jan, he took a look, same conclusion, so we put a little bucket under it( it was slowly dripping, that was still a bit of luck), then later I went checking again, hey it stopped. This morning drop, drop drop again, so it's doing it only from time to time. Hmmm, I think we still have to phone the guy for the boiler to take a look at it. I will do that a bit later this morning. I hope he is at work, yeah, I think so.
Just checked again and no dropping at the moment. Very weird. Oh how nice surprises we get this year, whoopee!!!
Well, it might be not too serious, let's cross all fingers for that!
We are not the only ones having trouble of some kind. Read on Edna's blog, that because of the heavy snowfall a tree in her yard came down, partly on the roof and partly on the side of her house! Oh my, I truly hope that it didn't cause too much damage!
So what a nice ending of the year, tralalalalalalla!
Well, perhaps next year we will be without all those things. Would be nice for a change.

I went out yesterday, to the bank as I said. I didn't take my shopping car with me, oh blessing! As I was in a nice street with some nice shops, I thought, "why not take a bit of time looking around?" Not that I needed something special or particular. Now big question is:"did I got ome without buying anything"? Of course NOT! LOL. But I didn''t buy much. I stumbled upon an offer for birthday cards, so I bought 10 of them for only € 3,50. They always come in handy, specially, because soon there are some birthdays from friends coming up. What else? Oh yes, a new cover for my ironing board. How exciting, hahaha. That was about all. Very modest, I should say.
First weather was rather nice(snow is melting more and more away, yippee), but by the time I was on my way back home it started to snow again! It wasn;t much and more the wet-snow kind, and it stopped also quickly.Pffffff, please no more of the white stuff!!
And home I sat a while at the computer, continued on a new kit, not yet finished, and trying to extend another one. Oh, I also uploaded two new things for Minky's blog. A card and a quickpage, made of a gift Minky offered on her blog. Here the results:
Found this little poem and thought it fitted well , isn't it a true one????

Well, I think I covered about all again, so time for another freebie. I wonder how I manage to get you still every day another freebie??? But I have to admit, sometimes it's really hard work, as I also make things for Minky and even sometimes some things for the forum, and of course read some blogs, doing email, sometimes that's not much, another day I got loads to answer. I should find another schedule in the freebie thing, but still puzzling with it. All will come as it has to come, we'll leave it up on the future and see what will come of it, okay?

Anyway, here is the kit, named"Name of the Rose". Hope you like it.
Have a wonderful day, without any leaks, falling trees or other trouble you don;t need LOL!
Download     HERE


Edna B said...

Oh Kyra, I hope your boiler problems are not so big. You're right, trouble seems to catch up with us just as the year wants to end. I truly hope this new year is good to all of us.

Your rose kit is lovely. I don't know how you do it. And I must say that your layering technique is wonderful and you learned it so quickly!!

Now I really should do a few things around here. I have to work tonight to make up for not going in on Sunday night. You have a great day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

gypsyrose said...

Hi I just found you with a link from Miriam's-scrap.
Only have time for a very quick look but like what I see,
I downloaded your name of the rose kit it is so pretty, Thank you for sharing it.
added myself as a follewer hope that was ok .will be back soon, Many Thanks.

Sunshine Lover said...

Thank you for all your beautiful freebies.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [30 Dec 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

ScrappinQT said...

Thank you so much for such a beautiful kit! Hope your year ends wonderfully. :) And just a thought,
if the "bad" things didn't happen at the end of the year then they probably would start at the beginning. Here's to a Happy New Year!*cheers*

Patti said...

What a wonderful kit that you have shared with us! Thank you so much for your generosity!

I have passed along the "Tiny Teachers" poem to one of my friends. I agree with you that it is a very nice sentiment!

I'm hoping that your problems at the end of 2010 are gone and that 2011 will be wonderful for all of us!


Patti in Dallas, Texas

Ariadne said...

Thank you again..The poem was so amazing and true. Being a grandma and much softer hearted than I ever was with my two. I was visiting my sons' home over the holidays and I just hated to see my grand daughter crying and being sent to her room.