Thursday, November 18, 2010

I am walking much lighter!

Good morning everybody!

Just first a quick thing about Erik! There might be a sparkle of light in the tunnel. He had surgery, they drained the blood in his brain, bleeding seemed to have stopped. But further situation is still not changing much. Yet we have to hold on to every bit of better news and keep them in our thoughts. You can read more on Snowy's blog.

Did I do yesterday some of the things planned?
Yes, I did! Dusted vividly and also took the vacuum cleaner, I always like to see how much that changes the look of a room. Then I called the hairdresser and he had time for me right away, so I went there and boy, I am much lighter afterwards! It feels good to have had a haircut!
Only thing is that you feel much more the cold weather LOL! No, it's no joke, it;s really true. It was a grey day yesterday, with a much colder wind, so I was telling myself that I was a stupid girl, when I returned from the hairdresser. I should have taken a wintercap with me to put on my head. Brrrrrrrr, it wasn't a nice feeling, this cold wind!.
Today I should be doing a little bit more in the house, not having to go out especially for something. I think I will be a good girl and have some ironing done, for example.

Remember that i told you yesterday that Minky and I were cooking up another surprise for you? Well, it's ready, so I can show you the result of another fantastic collab! It's a Christmas collab in PINK, named:
"Undoncitional Love for Christmas". Here's the preview, and if you like it, you can find it under the Gifts and Kits on the special blog.
Click the picture and you'll see it much bigger!

Also made a few more quickpages for that blog, most of the stuff used in them are from Minky's gifts and treats! I love that lady, she's so full of humour and enthousiasm for everything, has an enormous good heart, and is full of inspiration! So already she came up with another idea for a collab for us! Yeah, she keeps me busy !!!! LOL!

In between all that I also started another kit, Christmas related, but that one still needs work on it.

So we keep busy, and why not, as long as it's fun to do? I only shouldn;t forget to burn some of it on a disc again. It saves space on the harddisk and the creations are safe. Hmmm, may be I'll do that in the weekend.
For now that's all , so I will post your freebie, another bragbook page, hope you still like them a bit. Then I have still a bit of time left to work on the new kit and then I should get busy here again.
Have a fantastic day!

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