Thursday, October 21, 2010

What a blessing, a dry toilet LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

Pfffffew!!! It's done and over (we hope) with the leak at the ceiling of our toilet! Thank  God for that, it's so much more comfortable again. Isn't it amazing to see how soon just little drops falling down in a slow but steady tempo can form a rather big amount of water?
Before it was over with I left Jan in charge of it all, to phone the owner of the appartment(not that he could do a lot of course) and to see if the neighbour was there to fix the leak. So I left to do some shopping, needed to put some bills to pay in the bank, and as I was near another supermarket I did some grocerie shopping there. I took my time, weather wasn;t even too bad, I stayed dry and even had some sunshine. Only temperature is down a lot. And that had the result of not rain but hail coming down in the evening.
Yes, winter is surely stepping closer to us.!

Soon I hope to give you some nice news about the forum of magickal scaps. I am not reveiling it yet, but something is happening there in coming time.
In a few days I will get a auick "manual"from Snowy, how to do some things as administrator, I am awefully bad in those things, always afraid doing something wrong, and suddenly loose some categories or worse LOL! But it would be handy if in case needed, more of the team know how to handle things, because in a week;s time, next Wednesday, Snowy is actually flying to the USA, and won't be connected to internet the whole time. But............ the most important is that she  will meet the man of her heart! You can imagine she is getting a bit nervous, but mostly very excited about it , which I can imagine. She had to wait such a long time for this! Happy for you girl!!

Then there is a new set of  Mavka Kyra's Adventures on Minky's special blog. Here the preview, you know how to get it.

Then I finished already the weekly download for the forum of December and am almost done with the one for January!!!! That's planning ahead, isn;t it? With all this, the challenges are left a bit aside this month, but there is still some time, may be I can manage to do some of them during the weekend.
I also hope there will be one nice day between now and the end of the month, because there is a place I want to visit. In The Hague we have a park/ wood where they have a part that is arranged and called as The Japanese garden. It's not so big but beautiful. It's only open for a few month a year, to protect it, but now in Autumn, the Japanese acer trees(is that like a maple tree?) have their spectaculair colours and I surely like to see it and take some pictures. So let's really hope we will have one day a bit dry and if possible with some sunshine, it would be marvellous.
Today I think it wil be mostly stay at home day, house needs some attention again(sooooo demanding a house LOL, even worse than a husband or children, whoooooooo), but it might also come to it that we take a quick tour into town. Jan needs a pair of new shoes, he never likes it too much when I go with him, he thinks I am too fussy about the model etc. He knows what he wants and that's it. Oh, whee MEN! I like to take time to look at a few shops first to see what they have and to compare a bit the price, but no....... he just goes and buys the first pair that is according to his idea. Hmmmmmmmm, we'll see if today is really the day.

Well, enough rambling done, time for a freebie again. I have a fantasy one again, you know I like to make them, so please bare with me, may be you can even use them LOL! It's named "Little Fairy Secrets".
Have a fantastic day!
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Edna B said...

Good morning, Kyra. It's so good to hear that your leak has been fixed. That is a terrible place for a leak! I hope it did not do too much damage to your ceiling.

As for the forum, I have faith in you, you will do a great job. Just yell if you need help. I'm sure one of us can help you.

Snowy will have plenty of access to the internet while she is over here. Erik has access to a computer, and all our libraries have computers with internet that you can use for free.

An update on Moo is that he is not doing so well. I was hoping that he would be better once he got home, but so far it is not to be.
Time will tell.

Now I think I shall enjoy a cup of coffee while I can. You have a gret day. Hugs, Edna B.

Connie D said...

Kyra Thanks so very much..I needed something to play with today..Connie

MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list