Friday, October 22, 2010

Shopping in town.

Goodmorning everybody!

It was rather nice weather yesterday so I thought may be Jan and I could go into town to look for a pair of shoes for him. Remember? Well, that didn;t happen, but then I thought:"why not go alone and look around a bit?".
So I did and looked around n different shops, to see if I could find a couple of nice and warm sweaters for the winter. There was some nice stuff, but ten it wasn't quit the right model or colour, or if I liked it I found it much to expensive LOL! So that was no success, but I found something different, which was really needed.
A pair of boots and a pair of shoes, for every day, comfy and warm. And a vest for Jan, finally! Years and years ago I gave him a vest, \ real nice one, completely with a lining, so you could wear it as a jacket outside. He enjoyed that one very muc, still has it, but its coming a bit at it's end. And now there are lots of thick vests but almost all with a hood and he doesn;t like that. So yesterday I found one, without a hood, and for a very reasonable price. I have made pics of my buys:
I liked the little chains on it and the pair wasn;t expensive, only € 25,00!
And here I was lucky too, normally they were € 39,95 but I bought them with reduction, only € 19,95!
Yeah I know, I have VERY small feet. LOL.

 And this was actually the most expensive, € 39,95, but still is a good price for what you get. This kind normally are around at least € 55,00 and quickly going up in price till whatever, but most (in this kind of model € 80,00)
It looks as if it's a bit blueish but that because of the flash, the vest is of a nice light grey colour, so very neutral and can fit with everything.
So it was a rather succesfull shopping afternoon.

I spent a few hours in town, I think the worst is when you have to try some clothes on and shoes too, pfff, I rather don;t do it, but if you don;t you have the risk to bring it back again because it doesn;t fit.
After that adventure I was happy to go home again and take a break at the computer for a short time. I was lucky I didn;t have to make dinner, because yesterday I made macaroni, with minced meat and all kind of chopped vegetables in it and there was more than enough left for another day. Just put it i the oven and dinner was ready!
So instead of yesterday, I will have to do the house work, you know the usual stuff, today! Want to start with it not too late, so that it will be done with in the early afternoon and then I can finish up some kits I started with. I am still adding to a Christmas kit and have another one too just started and made a beginning for a freebiekit for next week too! And in between I even made 2 quickpages for Minky's. I think she will post them today on the special blog.

Don't fear I do have a freebie here too! LOL! I found an interesting colourscheme and it ended up in this little kit, "Petit Boudoir".
Oh, for members of our forum a reminder: don;t forget to take a look at the "Collect a kit weekly download". It's a contribution of Nana, and there is one more Friday to go in October, so next week it's my turn again.
And November is a real treat, theme and colourscheme from Snowy. Don't miss it.!!
Okay, time for a quick sup of coffee and then shower, clothes on and getting started here.
Have a fantastic weekend!
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Snowraven aka Silke said...

Beautiful kit ! Lol-good taste with the black boots -looks like something I would have chosen myself. I'm trying to find a pair of shoes to go with my dress in the moment -looks like I have to relearn to walk on high you'd laugh if you would see me trying to wobble around on those I tried on.Have a good day-hugs Snowy

MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list