Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sad announcement.

Today is a sad day.
Artie, the brother of Edna, passed away last night.

His cancer took him away from this world, even in shorter time than we all hoped for.
But his death is not the end. I believe it is a start of a whole new kind of life, and a way to meet all the beloved ones that have passed away already.
My heart goes out to Edna and the family, because I know he was very much loved.
I have a picture of Artie(or "Moo" as he was called often) that I received of Edna of last Christmas, wearing the presents he received from Snowy and me. He liked to cook, as you can see.
Although I never met him in person, I have the feeling I did, by the things Edna told me and some pictures she sent.
May the candle, that is burning now for Moo, light his path to his new world.


                     Rest in peace, Moo!

P.S. If you would like to leave a little message for Edna, please do so, on her blog

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VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
So sorry to hear of Edna's loss.I left a message on her blog.So sad when we lose someone we love dearly.:(
Sounds like you got some great deals with the boots,comfy shoes and the vest. Don't you just love bargains?:)Jim and I have such hard times finding comfortable when we do find some..we buy two when the old ones wear out..we have the new ones to fall back on.:)Saves time shopping again.hehe
I think we are gonna have to buy new parts for the inside tank of our toilet.Sounds like water dripping in there.Not on the floor..yet.LOL Prolly just the parts wearing out and they will be easily replaced.Done it before.:)
Take care and don't overdo with all that shopping you have been doing lately.hehe

Huge hugs,