Thursday, October 07, 2010

Our visit to Rob.

Goodmorning everybody!

Oops, we had our visit to Rob, Jan's brother, yesterday evening.
We took with us my shopping cart, cause we had some stuff for him and why doping difficult and carry things in bags when you have such an easy help around? So we took on time our bus, but had to get out a bit earlier than the stop we wanted, cause there was a diversion, some work on the road. Not nice. And therefor we were for a moment a bit lost inthat nieghbourhood(we don;t come there often). But... after a few times asking where the street was, we arrived. ( I asked Jan to take with him the little road plan I had, to be sure to know how to walk, but he didn;t take it with him LOL).
We had a nice evening, and are all up to date again from the things of his life. He has a little appartment, big enough for him and his son(just 17, difficult age!), he tries his best to keep it in good shape, but still you can see it's the home of two guys LOL!. But I admire him really, how it tries to make a living for himself and his son, he had to bring him up alone, didn;t always have easy times financially and with work. But he manages and the boy never was short of anything.
Rob is such a sweet guy, he hasa real good heart, always ready to help out, without expecting anything back for it.
You might expect we had an easy travel home! Wrong! First, we returned home also with a full shopping cart, because Rob had a complete stereo installation for us, it's was his former one, all in good order and all fitting together. He knew our stuff was a bit a mess of all different labels etc. so he gave this one, It almost all fitted into the cart, one piece I had to carry in a bag. We had to walk a few minutes to arrive at the busstop, were lucky to have to wait only a couple of minutes and then saw the bus coming.............................hey, what's that? ..........taking a turn into another street!!!!!! Oh whee, we forgot that there was a change of route cause of the road repairs! And to walk to the next stop wasn't so far, but the next bus only should come after half an hour! LOL! But not to dispear, we walked a little further and could take the tram there, only had to change from line a few stops further to have the right one that stops close to our house. We were lucky to have right away the connection, but it was a bit chaotic travel back I can say!
Okay, now the stereo stuff is standing on the table here and I suppose Jan is going to install that today and remove the other one. May be I should try to be away, and let him be busy on it and hopefully it will be ready by the time I return, hahahaha! It seems to be easy to connect it all together and in fact, it is. But things never go the simple way in this house LOL, I am almost convinced that one thing or another will not work right away.Am I a pessimist? No, I think more a realist, and........learned from the past wheeeeeeee!
We'll see if I can report tomorrow that it only took a short time to get it all in place and working as it should.!

What about a freebie after this story? Not the worst thing to end a blogpost with. Today I have a little kit for you, a Halloween kit. I named it "Goose Skin". Hope you can make some wonderful layouts with this kit.!
And as it is still quiet here in the house, I may be can get a bit more more work done on a new kit I started and then I have to be out of here!!!
Have a lovely day!
Just to tease you I will show you a backround of the kit in full size!

Download the kit      HERE


Snowraven aka Silke said...

ha haha ... love that background ! I'll be nosey now to hear if the stereo was put up easily or not !
Have a great day -Hugs Snowy

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suruha said...

What a bright and fun kit! You have the knack, Kyra. Yours and Jan's escapades are so interesting when you write of them. Here's hoping the stereo goes in without the national defense coming. LOL


MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

marzenna79 said...

Thank you for freebie, ist super !