Monday, October 11, 2010

Lots created, and visit on Sunday

Goodmorning everybody!

It's a bit akward typing for me at the moment with Dikkie Dik on my lap LOL! But we try to make not too many mistakes.

Weekend had some lovely weather, but we didn;t go on a long walk or so. But we could open the garden doors and let some fresh air into the room. I did went out for a moment on Saturday, and it felt really good outside.
And yesterday I thought to give the room a quick sweep with the vacuum cleaner, I always wonder from where all the dust flocks and such come from. Of course with two cats, it also adds to the mess on the floor.
Just started with it yesterday and then the door bell rang, and it was Heidi with Séverine. It was nice to see them again and we had a nice chat about all kind of things. When she left, she had a lot of stuff to carry with her on her motorised bike( not a motorbike, but a bike with and little engine, it's a different thing). We had still a complete new electric gourmet, never use it, but she sometimes has a dinner with that. So she could use it, her current one wasn;t working anymore as it should. Remeber the little helicopter Jan won in the cafe? Oh whee, that was something for Séverine! I also had a completely new fleece vest from Jan, he never wears it, so we gave that to Heidi. I know she loves that kind of stuff, it's so comfy and warm at home.
I believe we gave her another thing too, can;t even remember, hahaha.

It was a nice break on Sunday, after she left, I finished the vacuuming and then made kebab from minced beaf meat for dinner. And there was a bit of time left to play on the computer too. Also Saturday was productive.
Made lots of stuff for Minky's special blog, hop over to her blog and you'll know what to do if you like to have some of it.
This time I made several quickpages out of the treats and giftbags Minky offered on her special blog. I show you some of it:

I have more but that will be for another day.
Also finished the November weekly download for the forum and already started on the month of December! Yeah, the flow for the forum is coming back again!
I still have to do a big part of the challenges there, but slowly they will be done.
I am also busy on different kits, and even started on a Christmas kit. I add every now and then something to it, it will be a more or less "traditional"one, but have also plans for another one in a different way. Idea is forming, but not yet completely clear LOL.
Weather looks rather nice today too, bit windy, but that shouldn't be a problem. I'm not making real plans(you know what happens hey?) but it might be a good day to go to the market. perhaps I can persuade Jan to it. I need to have potatoes and some vegetables and it's really worth buying them there. It really has a big difference with the prices in the supermarket! But berfore even thinking of that, I would like to have another coffee and then a nice shower to wake up completely. And of course I have a freebie for you, and it's again something for Halloween. I've made some bragbookpages,  6 in total (I have a crush on bragbookpages at the moment, don;t ask me why!) and today I have the 1st two of "Halloween Fever". I hope I've made them "spooky"enough hahahha!
Well, that's the start of a new week, let's see how it will devellop!
Have a great start of the week!

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Snowraven aka Silke said...

Good morning, looks like we have all been productive over the weekend,lol. And guess what- got a cat on my lap as well, so I know what you mean with arkward typing.In the moment he's looking at me as if he wants to say "You can put your fingers to better use than playing on the keyboard".Will have to pop over to Minky if I find the time and have a look-Have a gret day
Hugs Snowy

MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list