Monday, October 18, 2010

It's getting colder.

Goodmorning everybody!

Weather definately is changing a bit. You already can see it looking out of the window, but you can feel it too.
Saturday we had to go into town centre looking for a little birthday present for Rowena(the wife of the owner of the cafe). It's always a bit difficult to find something right for someone you actually don't know too well. But we managed to find something. We went into a big store where they sell all kind of things for a nice price too, and looking around we bought her a rather friendly looking witch! Doesn't seem to be such a nice present perhaps, but there's a whole story behind it. It would take too long to tell that all, but she really could laugh about it and so we did it right! In the same store I bought 4 kg. of washing machine powder for only  € 2,95! I used it yesterday and it's good stuff! Did some things in the house and early evening we had to go to the birthday party.
They invited about 25 people and both of them like to cook and do it well. You know how big a billiard table is? Well, it was completely covered with food! There was warm food and cold, like rice, special meat, vegetables, soup, and then lots of salads, smoked salmon, other fish, ham, filled eggs, different kind of bread and toast, etc. I think there was enough food for about twice as much people!!! It tasted wonderful I must say, but they always make far too much.
It was nice, I met a few people Jan often talks with when he is in the cafe, we even dance a bit and then I went home a bit earlier than Jan.
Oh we also had a leak in our toilet and bathroom suddenly! Friday it was dripping slowly of the ceiling. It's not nice to have that and more annoying because when you took place on the toilet it just dripped onto your head now and then LOL. So I phoned the owner of the appartment above ours(herents  it to people, not living himself there) hoping he would react quickly. Hmmmm, that took till late the other day, but fortunately the dripping had stopped too. The guy was on holiday in Spain, so heard his voice mail a bit later. According to him there was nobody yet living there, but then I wonder how we suddenly could have a leak. Well, I didn;t make a fuss about it, we agreed that he would come looking when he returned from his holiday. We never have problems with this fellow, so it will be okay.
That was about our weekend, apart from the fact that I managed to get a few kits finished and also some stuff for Minky's blog,
I told you about the lovely surprise of Cathy, of Coh's scraps? The Mavka Kyra poser girl? Well, I made a serie of 10 bragbookpages with her, named it "Mavka Kyra's Adventures"(LOL) and here I can show you the first set
Isn't she a lovely character? You know the drill, if you like to have them, go to Minky's blog and leave her your email addresss, then you will get a link. Read it on her blog.
Also made another quickpage for there:

Again in purple, but I can;t help, just love to work with that colour!
Now time for your freebie on this blog. It;s a little kit, in soft colours, I think you can use it for different kind of layouts. It's named "Delicate". Hope you like it.
Have a wonderful Monday!
Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Good morning, Kyra. What a lovely kit. The colors are so soft. So sorry to hear about the problem with the leak from above. Such an odd place for a leak, over the toilet, and not a fun one either. I hope it is fixed for you soon.
Have a nice day, hugs, Edna B.

marzenna79 said...

Hello Kyra, it is beautiful freebie.
Thank you very much, hugs...By,by...