Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Today is the DAY!

Goodmorning everybody!

Look at the top of the blog and you'll see the slideshow for the new daily download of September. And it's another lovely kit, I surely say!
And yes, today is the day of the grand opening of the new magicklal scraps forum!
We prepared you some great freebies, to celebrate that occasion, you just have to hop over to the forum and take a look. I'll show you mine

The link for download is on the forum, under the topic "Freebies". And check back a few times, cause we are in different time zones, so the posting can take a while, but it's worth it.
And if you are there, just take a look at the challenges! Gosh, Snowy has been busy yesterday, she has put up loads of them! Should be nice, if some of you would show your creativity and made a contribution! Are you feeling challenged? It should be so! LOL
Once more I will give you the link and after that I will let you a bit in peace about the new forum, but I am so excited that we had the chance to continue with a forum, that I am perhaps overdoing it a bit. Forgive me, please??????????????

Then I should tell you my friend Edna has taken part in a fantastic, enormous blog train, if you go to ger blog, you will find all the links for the goodies, and I warn you already, you will have to have a big harddisk!

I hope I didn;t forget something.......?? Oh yes, take a look at the blog of another friend, also creative teammember of the forum, a real Scrapraven! That's Su, her glog is to be found here:
And she is really a free spirit, a wonderful person and a great writer too, and she always has some great tips in her posts for a good site to go to for a freebie, or to adhance your techniques in scrapping or whatever! At the moment she also has a little freebie for you and of course she made a freebie for the opening day!

I think you already have enough to do, with all the links available, LOL!

Yesterday was a normal day over here, I did went out for a moment and the weather was just lovely! It looks a bit more cloudy today, but that can change easily later this day. I think Jan is hoping for some nice days now, to go out and play with his helicopter on the little lawn or so, hahahaha! He tried it for a moment in the room, but he better do it outside, as I say on a lawn, the chopper cannot make too much damage and when it falls down, it may sirvive it on the grass. Hey, it isn;t that easy to get the stupid thing flying nicely, really!

Also a stupid thing happened . As almost always I take out some meat of the freezer in the morning, so it can slowly defrost, and so yesterday also. At dinner time I wanted to prepare the meat and...........I saw no meat on it's usual place! I looked around at all possible places, but nothing. So I asked Jan, if he had put it in a place. "Yes", he answered," it's in the freezer, it wasn't yet defrosted, so no harm done.". Me: "Hmmmmmm, no harm done? what to eat then? " Jan:"I thought we would eat a porc chop I brought you Monday evening from the cafe". Me: "No, I told you I would place it in the freezer and have one later this week". Jan:"Oh, i thought you would only place two of the four in the freezer and leave two in the fridge for this evening:" Me: I would be happy if you told me earlier, don;t mess with my planning(I really was a bit cranky hahaha), now we have no meat for dinner!!" And with big steps I went back into the kitchen.
But inventive as I am at times(LOL), I took two eggs out of the fridge and fried them. No real harm done, and it was a lucky thing I prepared a oven dish with potatoes and mushrooms and onions and a kind of bechamel sauce, and I had vegetables, so all together we still had a nutricious meal! Oh, men are nice things, but sometimes.......................................!!!!!
So you probably guess what we will have for dinner this evening? Yes, right, porc chops, hahahahahahaha!

And to our BIG surprise in the evening Dikkie Dik came into the room and even sat on my lap for about an hour! Whoooooo, he found his way back a little bit, it seems that way. Still, after spending some time inside, he went out again and stayed out the whole night and still is, didn;t see him yet this morning! Strange cat!
What about a freebie now after all this rambling along?
As we are all in a bit " magickal"atmosphere today, I though I could post this kit, from which I showed you already some papers a few days ago. It's named: Magical Friends and I hope you can do something nice with it.
Now have a fantastic day!
Download     HERE


Nanette said...

Just joined your new forum. Can't wait to start.


Snowraven aka Silke said...

Oh dear you made me laugh with this meat business ! That reminds me , I better have a look in my freezer what to have -Hugs Snowy

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 8 post on Sep. 01, 2010. Thanks again.

MouserMo said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

marzenna79 said...

It's beautiful page, thank you.

Donny said...

hermosos sus trabajos .
Gracias por compartir .
Saluditos desde Argentina