Thursday, September 30, 2010

Seems there's going to be a government.

Goodmorning everybody!

After weeks and weeks of negociating there seems to be coming a new government. It looks there is a deal about the governamental plan, although the different parties have to discuss it with their members and one of them also has on Saturday a big congress meeting of their party. There they will have to gain majorrity votes of the members and then we will have a new government. It's complicated to explain all the steps necesary to get the program effective so I keep far from it.
When this is done we will hopefully hear a bit about their items and the program and measurements they will take for the coming 4 years(if this government will last that long LOL).
I am still not convinced that this is the right government for our country, but we'll see how it goes.

It was a rather nice day yesterday, so I went out for quick shopping and just before I did some ironing. When I came home I already made the sauce for my spaghetti and then uploaded some stuff and made also a layout for a challenge. It's made with a QP I made for Minky's blog. The challenge said: make a layout with the colour purple. Here's the result:
I even scrapped a few of the pics I made during our walk in the town of Leiden. It looks always better to see pictures scrapped, doesn;t it?

I used my own kit, Past, Present and Future for it. In the last layut I put in a detail of the picture in the little square.
So you can see I was rather busy yesterday, LOL!

I still have to scrap a lot more pictures of our walks, I will try to do some each day, otherwise they just stay on the computer and that's no good. If I scrapped the ones I want to keep I can delete the rest of them.

Tomorrow there will be starting a new download serie on our magickal Scraps forum, only we will change it into weekly downloads , for October a few members of the CT had no possibility to make some stuff for it, so we were left with only 3 and also because there is much going on in the lives of some of them, we decided to only make this weekly downloads. Otherwise it would have been too much work for us. So I am real sorry to announce this, but let's keep looking at the bright side: There still is a free download, theme based, at our forum LOL!

Today I have the start of another serie of "Back to the Roots"brag book pages. With thanks to Farfarhill for the great photo frames!
Now you all have a magnificent day!

Download    part 1 HERE

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