Thursday, September 02, 2010

It was market day

Goodmorning everybody!

The weather definately improved during the day, so in the afternoon we went to the market. We still want to find a nice carpet for our living room, without spending a fortune and there are most of the time 2 sellers there, with great ones, so we went for another look. One was there and we did see a carpet not too bad, but we'll have to go another time again to look again. Roffl!
But... the weather was real nice, so it was no punnishment to be there. And in a way the mission "market"succeeded anyway. I found me a new pair of house slippers. The old ones really were ready for the trash bucket, LOL! So for 3 Euro I have new ones in a nice light blue, hey great price and also amazing to find them so quick. May be you don;t know but I have very small feet, I have size 33 (I think in US sizes it is 2.5 !)yes, children size, so it's sometimes difficult to find nice shoes.
 Clothing also sometimes difficult, especially when you need something special. Trousers and sweaters and such I can find, with a bit of searching. Also mostly in the childrens departement, LOL. In women clothes I can find nice things too, but not easy and if I do, it often is for a BIG price and stubborn sweetie here is not prepared to pay for it. But don;t feel too sorry for me, I have enough clothes, in all styles! When I come to think of it I have probabely far too much!

Today it seems to become another rather nice day, may be we will do something with it this afternoon. May be I can persuade Jan to go to the seaside, not to Scheveningen but to Kijkduin, opposite to Scheveningen, much smaller, but real nice place.
So yesterday was our opening day for the forum and I was able, together with the other ladies, to welcome a few new members already! The forum is really coming to life, and I even made one of the challenges already!
We were supposed to search for a quote or poem concerning TREES and make a layout with it. This is mine:
I think it is a beautiful poem, hey? It makes you aware of the fact that we do have to be careful with natures gifts!
And I am looking forward to the weekend, I do want to make a few more of the challenges, ideas are tumbling up and down in my brain, all not yet ready for excecution, but it's a start LOL!
Okay, there are a few things to be done today, beside the scrapping, so I better stay not too long at the computer, although it is very tempting sometimes( scrapping and designing is better than dusting, ironing, and all that stuff, ROFL). I will kick myself in the butt and try to be a good girl.
Not before I posted the freebie for you. It's named "Dancing Flowers"and really hope you can use it.
Have a wonderful day and when you are outside and pass a tree, look at it with different eyes, treat it with a little bit of respect! And be happy that there is still a tree to watch!
Download    HERE


Snowraven aka Silke said...

ha ha , kick yourself in the butt - that's a good one !Actually I should do that as well now - the layout is fantastic ! Love it ! Have a nice day - Hugs Snowy

Edna B said...

Your layout is beautiful. And I agree, we should be thankful that we do have trees.

Oh my, you really are very tiny. Shopping for your clothes must be a lot of fun. Have you thought of taking up dressmaking? lol,

Our hurricane took a short rest, so it won't be here today as first expected. Maybe tomorrow or Saturday. Oh goodie!

You have a great day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

MouserMo said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list