Monday, September 13, 2010

In a way still busy weekend

Goodmorning everybody!

Hope that everyone had a nice weekend and a chance to chill out.
We did that, in a way. Saturday the weather looked so nice, that we took a walk, but just a short one! Not far from the market, which is about a 20 minutes walk from our house, was a little fair, so we took a look there, It was nice to walk around for a moment. And because we were around the corner of the market we went there.
In fact we wanted to take a look if the merchant for carpets was there, because we still need a new carpet in our room. And yes, the stand was there, but they didn;t have a lot of choice this time. They assured us that this week they were expecting a new stock arrival, so perhaps we will go next Saturday again.
But I found something else on the market.!
Oh my, what a shame, there was the stand again with LOTS of flower bulbs!!!! And if you like flowers, have a little garden is it then possible to resist the temptation?????? No, certainly not me!
The guy selling them has always a nice quality and not a very big price so I saw the pic of a tulip in a beautiful colour, I think you call it salmon and because you could pick 3 sacs of bulbs for € 10,00 ( and 25 bulbs in one sack) we took 3 different colours. But....................of course I looked around a bit more and saw some small tulip bulbs, about 20 centimeters height, looked so sweet, so took there two sacks too,
Jan had that special look on his face of : "oh boy, she has those greedy eyes again, sparkling and almost under hypnose, poor me! I better let her buy some, otherwise she will go back another day and buy much more, ( sigh sigh)"LOL
I could hold myself back buying more bulbs, you only have limited space in a small garden, but it's a difficult thing to do, believe me. There are so many lovely tulips( they also had some other flowers, but mainly tulips, cause now is the season to put them into the ground).
You probably can guess what I did yesterday then? No, not yet, first I prepared dinner already early. Shall I tell you what I made? May be you can try it out sometime.
I made a bechamel sauce to start with. I suppose you know how to do that(melt a bit of butter in a little casserole, then add some flower to it, keep stirring and let it become a compact masse. then start adding little by little some milk, keep stirring while you have the casserole on a middle fire. keep doing that until the sauce is very slowly falling of your spoon. ) I added some salt and pepper and also some fresh dill( you can also use dried one, but fresh is better of course) and at the end I added cooked little shrimps. I took Norwegian pink shrimps this time, because they are much cheaper than our Dutch shrimps, and they taste good in it too. Added also a little bit of grated cheese and put the mass in two small dishes, covered the stuff with a thin layer of bread crumpes. Now you only have to put them in the oven at about 200 C for 20 minutes.
At dinner time I made a little salad with it and we had a delicious meal!
I cleaned up all the mess in the kitchen and then on to the next job. Yes, planting the bulbs!
I had to remove on some spots some ground covering plants to make place for the bulbs.Oh whee, can you imagine I planted 110 little bulbs??????? I surely hope they will grow well and if they do, we will have a lot of colour next April in our garden. I surely was glad I didn;t have more bulbs, because finished I really felt my back protesting!
I even managed to make a challenge during the weekend, and did a bit of designing. Here is the result of the template challenge(template was offered by Snowy, we had to make it come "alive")
Evening was time to relax on the couch, watching a detective and little quiz and I went to bed rather early, before midnight, I think I needed it after my planting-session LOL!
So that was in general the weekend and so we start another week. We start it with a kit for you, in a blue colourscheme, named "Close to You". Hope you will like it.
Have a wonderful day.
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Edna B said...

Good morning. Your weekend sounded wonderful. I am very bad at a flower store too. I want to buy everything I see, but alas, there is not that much room in my little garden. I do want to plant poppies though. I think they are just gorgeous.

I'm still at work and soon to be busy. You have a marvelous day, hugs, Edna B.

Snowraven aka Silke said...

lol- thanks for the cooking lesson. Hah hah , I did know how to make the sauce. Will be looking forward to next spring to see all your tulips.
lmao- is that another kit inspired by us ?
Hugs Snowy

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Sep. 13, 2010. Thanks again.

Miriam said...

Kyra, bedankt voor jouw bemoedigende woorden op mijn blog. Ik heb nu wel de tijd om eens ff ergens anders te gaan neuzen en ook eens iets van een ander te downloaden. Ik heb deze maar gelijk
meegenomen. Erg mooi!. Heel erg bedankt.