Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Go on another walk with me

Goodmorning everybody!

We just took the right days in the weekend to go out, cause the weather has changed now. It's cloudy and windy, and they also expectsome rainfall today and the next few days. I think it's real Dutch weather at the moment. But we will have to admit that summer almost is over, I only hope there will be a bit of nice autumn weather this month and may be next month.
As promised yesterday I will take you on another walk. Sunday we went into town, because there was a "cultural"fair taking place. Each year, at the beginning of the new cultural season, all kind of art companies, dancing schools, theatres etc. show what you can expext in the new season and it's always great to walk around there. You see people in all kind of outfits, there are little shows performed and Sunday they really had a dream of weather for it.
So we left in early afternoon and walked to town centre. About 15 minutes walk we arrived in an older street already and while Jan was looking into a window of a shop, I saw an tiny alley and walked in. And to my surprise it was a lovely courtyard, also devided into kind of little streets. I took this picture of a little shed, build by the owners of the small house opposite of it. And if you let work your imagination, and think there are candy's and cookies hanging on it, you might think it was the little house of Hansel and Gretel in the fairytale!
And walking around there I spotted this cat, who seemed to have found a perfect chilling out place.
And I made another picture the yard, and what a lovely place to sit down for a while, look around there, in almost complete silence( you couldn't hear traffic there, what a blessing!).
I could have stayed there much longer but we had to move on.
We reached town centre, and I took this picture of the tower of the "Grand Church" as it is called. It's no longer used as church, but there are all kind of expositions and concerts in it.
As we walked around it we saw a really old tram, which is only used a few times a year. You can make a trip from the centre to Scheveningen with it. Isn't that a nostalgic view or not?
Moving on, we finally reach the place where the fair took place. But I will save that for tomorrow, cause I am already a bit late today and I must go out to do some shopping and also some boring house work LOL.
Hopefully I can do the trip without rain, well, cross fingers for that, and otherwise it's no big deal either. You can dress for it, but I like it better without the wet stuff.
But first I will show you the result of another challenge I made. It's one I host and it's real fun to do it. It's the bookcover challenge. Make a front and possibly also a backcover for a book, each month I try to come up with a theme. This month theme was Halloween, or at least a kind scary book! And I have to direct you also to my friend Edna's blog, she posted her contribution and it's  AWESOME! That lady sure has a big imagination!
Here is mine:
Okay, it's freebie time. I'll offer you a paper pack I made for a challenge. We were given some fractal brushes and should come up with something. So I made this paper pack with two borders. Hope somebody can use it for something.
Have a great day!
Download   HERE


Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. Oh my, those trolley cars brought back lots of memories. When I was a little girl, we mostly had trolleys for inner city transportation. And yes, they were fun to ride on.

I've enjoyed your walks about town. It's been such a pleasure to see your beautiful countryside.

You have a magnificent day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

MouserMo said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

jacqueline said...

Wat leuk die uitstapjes door het mooie Nederland.Ik woon zelf nu bijna 5 jaar aan de franse grens(Kortrijk),ben hier de buurt ook al een tijdje aan het verkennen,mensen leren kennen en mooie foto's maken.Ik zie dat ik als nederlandse toch nog veel plaatsjes niet ken.AlleƩ scheveningen natuurlijk wel maar de speciale plekjes die jij hier toont daar was ik nog nooit;-)Heerlijk om te kezen.Mooie updates kyra en ook nog een dikke merci voor de shares:-D

grtz jacqueline