Thursday, September 09, 2010

Cleaning out?

Goodmorning everybody!

Did some of the things I had in mind yesterday. So far so good LOL. It kept raining almost all day, so with no need to go out, we stayed inside. Jan is still busy cleaning out the big closet. Oh boy, it really has a lot of stuff in it!Already a lot of paperwork is searched through, and lots of it could be destroyed. That already makes a difference. Yesterday he arrived at the compartment where I have all the dia's and films and equipment for it. I don;t know where to start. I should go through all the dia's and films, but it's such a HUGE job. It will take days and days, really. Still it should be done and I am sure a great deal of them could end up in a plastic garbage sack.You keep them and keep them but never look at them anymore. May be I will start with it today, LOL, I said may be! I will just keep some of the dia's and perhaps  let them put on a cd or dvd. Not sure yet about that, but it might be nice.
Later in the afternoon I got a telephonecall from a friend. She asked if she could come over to me to use the computer for a moment. She had to type a document but she has no computer. Of course it was allright, I did the stuff for her and she was ever so grateful for it. It was just taking us may be 15 minutes. And I know she will not be standing at the door every other day with something like that, so no problem. When you can help somebody with such a little thing, why not?

Weather looks to be a bit better today, so I might go out for a moment, I have to get some catfoodm cause they are running out of it. And it is a good thing to get some fresh air.
Good news might be, LOL, that inspiration is coming back slowly. I started yesterday on a brag book pages serie, not telling you yet what is the subject, but I think they look not bad at all!! Also should start on a new kit, I am really running out of freebies. Let's see what I can come up with in the next few days.
Also some challenges are to be done, then I have some mails to do, the house is crying out to me : "Don't forget about me!!!" (bummers!), soon it will be time to do some pruning in the garden, and all that has to be squeezed into days that seem to become shorter and shorter in time!

So regarding all those plans(oh whee, plans again, will they be excecuted or not???? ROFL) I better get myself into some clothes and get moving.!
Today I have a kit for you, "Growing Love". Hae some fun with it.
A lovely day to you, and till tomorrow.
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jacqueline said...

Thank you Kyra for your shares.You are right it's a great thing to do when you can help a friend.

Untill next time,with your stories