Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An anniversairy

Goodmorning everybody!

I just posted the DD on the forum and looking at the date(day) for posting I realized I have a kind of special day today! Today 3 years ago I had my marriage! It's awesome how quick time passes. So I must not forget to congratulate Jan when he wakes up, and as usual he will make a funny remark! Probably something like"I must have been kind of mad that I did it" and producing then a sneeky smile. Well, it's only 3 years, but all together we know eachother 18 years. Amazing!!!!

As promised I will take you with me on another part of our walk on Saturday. We left the tour at the point I showed you the beautiful roundish building. After our peeking in we went on and followed a path with trees on all sides and I passed this one, I think it was an oak and tried to catch in a picture the immense height and beauty of it. It doesn't show the tree in full glory, but perhaps you get the idea. The trunk was BIG, it must be a tree that has a respectable age.

A bit further we passed a more open spot, I just loved the play of the sunlight through the leaves and on the grass, and it gives a tree so many different colours of green.
Walking slowly towards the passage out of the wood direction town we followed this path and look how funny it looks with line of trees, suggesting there are two footpaths. And of course my hubby had his remark ready! Standing on the large path he said to me : "You will have to take the small path". I wondered why and asked him so(already had the feeling I was pulled a leg LOL).He replied; "It's obvious, the small path is for gnomes, and that fits you!" I laughed of course and said he probably should walk there too. But as many times he had his answer back:"No, I am just not answering to the maximun height, I am just a bit taller, so I walk the big one and you the other one". And why not, LOL so we did!
Leaving the wood there was standing this lovely house, so I had to take a picture of it. And this one really is a kind I would love to live in. But it's far beyond our means, if ever it would be for sale! It's already in an expensive neighbourhood and counting extra the location, almost in the wood and across the street near towncentre, having shops on 5 minutes walk you can imagine the price!!!
So we crossed the street and came in a lovely street, with lots of nice houses and lots of shops(expensive ones too!) but walking there you can find almost hidden treasures. When you see an almost ugle small passage between some house, just go there and you'll have a lovely surprise. In that neughbourhood they have some small court yards, with little houses(where in old times most of the time lived single ladies) and about 40 years ago the houses wheren't very expensive there but now they are worth a fortune! Look how fantastic this looks.
I just love those court yards. We walked along the street and came along the entrance of one of the biggest court yards there is in The Hague. I made a picture of the wall-sign, so you see the date of the yard and of course made a few pics from the court yard.

Leaving the court yard again we saw a fantastic car and I made a picture of it because Jan said:"Hey, look at that car! They must have parked it there for me, it should be mine, look at the license plate with my intitials"
What a coincidence, isn't it?

Crossing another bridge I made this pic, not the most beautiful, but just for showing you a bit of this neighbourhood, you can guess that it's a bit of classy one.
And again we passed a passage that just called to me: "Come on in, you will not regret it!"LOL And we saw this
And now we almost reached town centre, so walking on we came to the government buildings. I already once showed you a similair picture, but I took this because I wanted to show you how it looks and at the back of the pond perhaps you can see a building with red-white hatches and a little green tower? That's the old prison, dating from the middle ages. I believe you can visit this again, it was closed for some time because they were restauring it. It's not so big, but still interesting to see.
Just a bit further you come to a square, nice to sit down to have a drink, but the city authorities destroyed the beauty of it, because they thought it had to have a bit more space and the most ugly thing is the sky line you see. The buildings are in general of the 1800's and then they build those monstrous new buildings behind it! Just because there was the need of some new government buildings. I think it is a shame.
Well, we are almost to the end of our tour. Just some minutes later we took the tram home, but first I took a portion of French fried potatoes with mayonnaise, yummie!
And I made a picture of this bicycle, may be something to think of to have one for Jan and me to make even larger tours around???? LOL!

Okay, I bored you enough now, hahahaha, and think it's time for your reward in bearing with me, so here's the freebie. A kit in nice teal colourscheme, and the name is suiting to the small wedding anniversairy I have today, it's "Sempre"(Italian for Always).
Have a wonderful day you all!

Download      HERE


Snowraven aka Silke said...

Definitely not boring ! The houses and courtyards look very similar to the kind my aunt used to live in years ago, they since moved into a smaller house because my 4 cousins have grown up and moved out. I always used to love to go there. In fact I love Holland anyway,lol. Loks like a really nice long walk you had there. Hugs Snowy

Snowraven aka Silke said...

Forgot- Happy 3rd Anniversary , you two :)

VJ's Scrap Room said...

HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Kyra and Jan.!!!! Hope it's a lovely one for the both of you!!:)
I LOVED my walk with you this morning.Such interesting sites and the courtyards are gorgeous aren't they?:)
Thank you so much for sharing your pretty teal kit with me.:)
Enjoy your day!!


Edna B said...

Wow, I love that peacock!!! I just loved walking through your town with you. The photos are just wonderful. One of these days, I should try to do that here one of these days. Maybe when we finish the work around the house.

That photo with the two different paths is quite unusual. Do you suppose it was a bicycle trail? lol. You have a great day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

*~Nightshadow~* said...

Thank you for the wonderful tour and the beautiful kit. Hope you had a very happy anniversary and I wish you many happy years together with Jan.

marzenna79 said...

Beautiful kit, bravo !
Thank you very much.

glynis said...

Thank u for the beautiful kit i will enjoy it very much. Glynis :)