Monday, June 28, 2010

We really have SUMMER

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh whee, we really do have summer in Holland! The last few days were fabulous and all this week it stays that way(they say). It's between 70 and 80 F but in our garden sometimes 90 or even 95!!! But....  I am not complaining. Let's be happy we can live with open doors and go out without jackets and such!
Saturday we were brave and took and walk, not too far but still nice. And we passed a little spot, not far from home, where you are really in the green and that in midle of an area with all houses and traffic! It's a small path along a ditch. And I made a few great pictures there. There were flying masses of  small dragonflies and in flight I couldn;t catch them, but I still managed to get one on a leaf!
I am sooo proud of myself LOL! Here a pic of the path and a flowering jasmine.

Yesterday there was the free concert in a park not too far away, but we decided to go there at about 18.00 o'clock, otherwise it would have been too hot! It still was very warm, but bearable at that time. We didn;t spent all too much time there, it's not really our kind of music they play, but it''s fun to look around at all the different kind of people lying on the grass and walking around. As we had still a bit of time left before we had to go home for the next soccer game(did I tell you we are rather fanatics with it LOL), we walked a bit in the park, where we saw some beautiful parts of a flower garden and rosarium. I think some other day, when it's not so crowded we will take a real good walk there in the big park, and I think I can make some other beautiful pics then. Still I took a great shot of a rose:
And  also a pic of a canal, where are a lot of house-boats! I would LOVE to live in one, well, in some of them, because there are beauties between them.
And I have more pics to share, yeah!! You know we have some frogs and toads in our garden. Yesterday evenings Jan was a moment in the garden and came in smiling, telling me one of our "visitors"had found a great spot now that the sun was down. Well, I had to see, of course and I took my little camera, you never know! So I tried my hand on the visitor and look the result!
And to finish this serie of pics I made a picture of my little buddha with solar light.(On the right you see a gnome standing with a little plant on his back, hahaha)T You don;t see much of the light but I think it's a nice pic
Don't you think it has a touch of mystery about it??

Time to finish this post, not leaving though without a freebie. We will finish first the serie of bragbookpages, All the Roses, after today still one to go.
Have to get around a bit today, a few groceries to catch, and some house work, hmmm, will have to do that a bit earlier than usual, otherwise it will be too warm for it. No, NOT complaining, just trying to be smart, LOL!
AND I have to be ready in front of the tv at 16.00 o'clock: The Netherlands is playing agains Slowakia!!!! Cross your fingers, because i think it will not be an easy game!!!!
You all have a wonderful day now and see you tomorrow!
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Edna B said...

Oh Kyra, your photos are awesome!!! You did fantastic with the dragonfly and the little frog. Your garden looks so lovely. The photos of the houseboats have me drooling here. I would LOVE to live on one of them for a while. If you get one, I'll come move in too. lol.

I'm still at work, so gotta get busy here. You have a fantastic day now. Hugs, Edna B.

Snowraven aka Silke said...

Good luck to your team again! Germany is through ,lol-I'd love to see Holland play against Germany , that would be great! Who is fanatic? Shaun and me were sitting here and shouting ourselves, Chrissy came in to work early so Roy could be home in time for the game, and Russel underneath is also glued to the TV,Erik is watching the soccer as well ... so we are all the same,lol ! The pics are beautiful-love the Buddha one as well. And yes, it would be interesting to live on a houseboat. Wouldn have any sleeping problems,lol- just let the gentle waves rock you to sleep.(that's if you don't get sea sick ,lol) Hugs Snowy

Lori said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list