Friday, June 18, 2010

Think of me this Saturday!

Goodmorning everybody!

Just think for a moment of me on Saturday and cross your fingers! Our soccer team is playing then their second match! Would be best if they win it! LOL!
I was a good girl yesterday, really! First I went out for the groceries, rather early and because my shopping car wasn't heavy this time I took a long detour. Weather was so nice, it would have been a shame not to take advantage of it. On the way I bought just a few Impatients, for Jan's garden. That was needed because some of the first ones didn;t survive(I think the cats duh them out !!) so now in a couple of weeks the little garden should look lovely again.
When I was home again I first took a sandwich and then did the dusting and hoovering. Later we watched some of the soccer games, and even had time to contine on my new started project.
Perhaps I will make some more for it, I think it looks really nice. Probably I will start posting it next week as freebies.

Just was reeding the blog of my friend Snowy and she had some lovely news. She reserved the time of her holiday at her work, and it will be in October. Now she started the count-down for it, whoopee, if nothing comes between her plans, she will be going to the USA then! She will meet her Erik then and also Edna. It all will be a great and exciting experience for her. We will miss her in blogger world, although she will be taking her laptop with her, so every now and then I hope she will send a message by mail or on her blog!

I think I will take "an easy"day today, after this posting I'll take a bite and then go to have a nice poodle under the shower! Pity that weather is looking a bit grey today, could be that some rain will fall, not a bad thing, nature can do with a bit of water here! They think differnetly about it in the south of France about that right now! They are suffering from floods, even already people perished because of it. All around the world it seems nature is behaving strangely. That's still one of the things we cannot control as we would like!

Okay, time for your freebie, as I promised yesterday it is a mini-kit, named "Encounter in the Afternoon".
Have a bit of fun with it.
I hope you will have a great weekend, see you Monday again!
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jacqueline said...

Mooi je fairies altijd,het word tijd dat ik weer eens ga rondneuzen overal en een mooie design ga maken.Ik zal duimen voor nederland dat ze een stapje verder komen morgen;-)
Kom gerust eens kijken op mijn site:

grtz jacqueline

Edna B said...

Good Morning, Kyra. Sounds like you had a magnificent day yesterday. I agree that the whole world is experiencing some rather devastating weather. Seems unusual for so much of it in so many places. I do hope your nice weather holds out and your team wins tomorrow's game. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Edna B.

Lori said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list

starry said...

You must be really happy that Netherlands won the match.I love soccer and have been watching the games.Have a good weekend.