Monday, June 07, 2010

Soccer fever gets grip slowly!

Goodmorning everybody!

Partly is was a good weekend, spoken of the weather. Saturday it was a marvellous day, a real summer day, so we made a little walk, visited a small music event in the neighbourhood, just wanted to know what it was. It was fun to see but definately not our kind of music! But I love to sit for a while and look at all the people. And who did we meet?  My brother in law Rob! That was nice, he is such a sweet guy, you know. Well, after a little while Jan and I went home again, out of the terrible noise of the music!
But before we  left home, we did watch another friendly practise soccer game between our team and a Hungarian team. We did win it easily, 6-1, so that gives a little bit of confidence for the upcoming Wrold Championship games. Sadly enough, one of our best players got hurt, and may not be able to take part anymore.! It seemed he had a hemstring injury, but probably today we will hear more about it.
Still slowly Holland is undergoing a it or the Orange-fever as we call it here. You cannot walk anywhere without seeing some orange flags, and all kinds of other decorations in the streets and homes and certainly pubs.
Hmmm,let's hope all those people didn't do that work for only 3 games. I really hope we will get much further, of course everybody hopes the final, but that is a looooong and difficult road to go!

Yesterday we went for a short visit to Heidi, for her birthday. It was nice, we even got a chanve to talk a little bit to eachother(on those occasions you normally have no time for it LOL), she was looking allright. I definately have to try to pay her a visit this week, may be we even can make an appointment to go soon to the garden centre, before she goes on a holiday. That is next month and we will be baby sitting again the rabbit, bird and even the goldfish LOL! Our cats will be all disturbed with all those animals around hahahaha! Weather was not as good as on Saturday, very cloudy, although temperature still was nice. But it started a bit to rain, they predicted even thunder and lightning, which I didn't see or hear(could have been during the night, I must ask Jan for that). Still cloudy today, may be a good day to do some things around the house, we'll see.

Freebie today is a little kit, named it"Close Together".
Have fun with it and I hope you will have an excellent day!
Download    HERE

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Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. I'm still at work, but it looks like it will be a really lovely day. I'll be wishing some of this sunshine your way. What a great little kit you have made. the colors are wonderful. You have a great day now. Hugs, Edna B.