Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First step is made.

Goodmorning everybody!

YEAH!!! The Dutchies won their game! I must admot it easn't a really brilliant match to watch, but in this competition the result counts. I must say almost none of the matches we saw were of high quality, except perhaps the match of Germany. Must say they had a rather weak opponent, but still the way they played and carried on was impressive.
But let's be optimistic. Most of the time, when given a bit time, the Dutch team gets better every match. So we hold on to that.

Must try to get some things done today, there is some laundry waiting to be ironed and a pair of trousers of Jan have to be made a bit shorter, etc. etc. Enough stuff to fill up the time of day. Oh whoopee, what a nice perspective LOL! Still we shouldn;t complain, at least we HAVE a house to clean and, which means a roof over our heads. May be sometimes we our going through a bit rougher time, but we are still far better of than others!

I'll take my second coffee now and then get moving around. But first I have a freebie for you. A little kit, named "Memorable Days".
Have a wonderful day!

Download    HERE


Mary Ski said...

Hi, I found you when I Googled looking for Polish scrapbooking supplies/layouts/etc. My husband is going to Poland next month with a Hussar reenactment group. I plan to scrapbook his photos when he returns. The Google search sent me to a blog that mentioned that you had done a Poland kit in 2008(?) Is it possible to still get that?
my email is: mssquared812@hotmail.com or leave a comment on my blog http://purrfectsentiments.blogspot.com If you hadn't guessed, I like kitties too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list

Amelia Clark said...

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