Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Election day

Goodmorning everybody!

Today we have election day, the result will finally end up in forming a government again. So this should be an important day for the future of our land again. We will have again a coalition, as we always have, but as there are several possibilities I am a bit curious what we will end up with. As we find ourselves in an economical crisis, as a lot of countries in Europe do, it is rather important how the coalition will be. We all know there are needed some severe decrees and none of them will be liked. But it can make a difference in which way they will try to retrench or economize in the expenses. One thing is almost for sure: the "common"man will be feeling it the most in his wallet, alhough some say they will do their utmost to "spare'them. Wait and see!

There is some sad news to be told.
Mnky is shutting down for the moment the "Starchildren Project blog". It was meant to be a blog that offered great freebies, but also was asked to make a little donation, if possible, when you downloaded some things. But it seems, that she received but a very, very few donations, although many and many downloads were done. So she decided to close down the blog for the moment. Still all the other blogs will still maintained.
It's a pity, she had to make this decision, I thought it was a great idea, but sometimes people aren;t ready for great ideas. It doesn't mean she has given up all the project. She will be raising money for it through her Sanctuary, but in a different way.

For most of the day my plans are still "open" LOL! As always there are things to do around the house and perhaps I will do some little jobs. But I also should keep up the "storage"in my computer, talking about making freebies. I am so busy with other things that this is a little on the sidetrack. Let's see what I can do for the rest of the week.
Still I have a little freebie for you today. I was trying out some things in PSE8 and ended up with some quickpages, which I devided onto several sets. And here is the 1st one. Although not a whole kit, I still hope you can use it.
Have a lovely day!
Download    HERE

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Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. You are really doing great with the PSE, Your QP's are lovely. I hope your elections turn out well for you. Have a marvelous day, hugs, Edna B.