Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Another challenge done

Goodmorning everybody!

Although notas brilliant weather as it was on Saturday, it still was nice enough to have a little walk. So I did and was happy about it.
Slowly the forum is getting back in it's former life, LOL, meaning the challenges are put up and oh my, we have some tough ones!! And also a bit different, which I like. But now Snowy has come up with something, oops, not the easiest thing to do! As we did two times already the Bookcover challenge and last time even with a backcover, she challenged us now to make a illustrated story, that may be short story or a little novel, fiction or non fiction, that's all up to us. And then each month a story or page of it should be done. Now you can call that a CHALLENGE!!!! We all like to write a bit, otherwise we wouldn;t have a blog in the first place, I suppose, but this is different kind of work! But I think I already have the fist lines in the head, now only to continue it and make it not too long, and more or less logical way. Not quite sure about the ending of it yet.
There was also a quote challenge again and we could make a choice between several, this is mine:

Even did a bit of designing, and started on the brush challenge, but that will take a few days, I think, because the real inspiration for it isn;t there yet. 
That's about all for today.
Remains your freebie, LOL. It's a mini-mini kit of 4 pages and 3 elements and a wordart. Not too much, but I hope you still can use it. It's called "Little Princess". 
Have a great day!

Download   HERE

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Edna B said...

Good morning, Kyra. Nice to hear the good weather has come your way. Your work with PSE is coming along really great. I love the background you chose for the quote. As for the bookcover challenge, I really enjoy this one. It pushes the imaginaton button quite a bit.

I'm off to start my day now. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.