Thursday, May 27, 2010

Market day and nature is weeping

Goodmorning everybody!

Yesterday afternoon I though it would be nice to go to the market. The weather wasn't really nice, I think temperature dropped about 10 degrees to the day before, but it was dry, so why not be brave and walk to the market. So I did, I behaved myself, LOL, which means I didn;t buy all kind of stuff, but only things I wanted to. 5 kg of potatoes, a box of strawberries, some fresh herbs(which I cut and then put into the freezer) yummie old cheese and at the butcher just close to the market some meat to make a nice stew( meat there is good and for a nicer price). I looked around of course on the market if there was anything nice for clothing or such, but although I saw some nice things I just looked but didn't buy anything.

Today Jan has planned something to do, but to be honest I am not sure what is was. Hope it is;t taking too much time, because I really need to do a bit in the house again.

What about the title of the blogpost. that nature is weeping?? Well, for starters there is still the oil leak in front of the coast of America, which is an real aweful thing. Company BP seems to try a lot to close the leak, but aren;t very succesful till now. And you know what is sad? There is a company here in The Netherlands, that has a solution for that, and they offered, it seems, their help(of course for a certain price, but business is business) and I believe the leak could have been sealed already about two weeks ago. All that oil released into the sea is a disaster, and when it reaches the coast areas it will be worse.
Then I just read the blog of Minky,, where I read that there is a big problem at the coast area of South Africa too, because all 20 rivers leading to the sea(direction Cape Town) are poisened with all kind of bacteria, and very bad for humans. Go to her blog to read more about it, but it is a shame that this happened and also very dangereous!
And these things are only two of the many more taking place at the moment. I think I am right to say, that Mother Nature is weeping, because too many people are not taking care of it as they should. And lots of these disaters happen, because some people do want to gain heaps of money in short time at any way they can, without considering the effects of their behaving.
In a way we all are also  bit to blame, because we use the products coming from those companies, but on the other hand we are almost obliged to, because there are little alternatives, and if there are, prices for that are kept too high, so not always possible for everybody to buy that.
But just take solar energy! It could be such a great thing, but for a while there were some gouvernment-aided projects for it in Holland, but not anymore or to little, so for a lot of people it is impossible to put e.g. solar screens on their roofs. But in Germany I just saw, projects are very succelsfull, also with gouvernamental aid at first, but it created jobs, soon large areas will be self supportive for energy, and the costs will be gaines back after a few years. Solar energy is clean, you don;t need the oil, but oh my, that cannot happen, there is too much going on in the oil business, what if suddenly the whole world would use solar and wind energy, stick only to that for a moment! What effect it would have on the big oil producing countries and companies? the revenues are enormous, we are talking here about billions of dollars! But one day all wells are dry,  and used up and then? Wouldn;t it be much more clever to find other ways to provide energy when there is still time? I think so, but the "big boys"controlling it all are thinking far different, I have the impression.

Wow, it doesn;t happen often I am throwing myself into a comment like I did. And I am not explaining it all just as I liked to, but that is because English isn;t my native language ad I am sometimes missing some expressions etc. But I think you understand what I mean to say.
Okay, let's jump to a more light hearted subject, the freebie LOL!It's named "Bear-able Life".
This time just 3 quickpages, but I think they are really nice. Have to thank Helga, from, for the characters I used. Hmmm, after all this typing I think I deserve my second cup of coffee! So have fun with the quickpages and enjoy your day!
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Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much!!!!!!!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 4 post on May. 27, 2010. Thanks again.

Edna B said...

Kyra, your QP's are just adorable! And I agree with you about the oil spill situation. I believe the people in control could have stopped the widespread of the oil quite a while ago. It's just not profitable for them to do this.

I weep too for Mother Earth.

Have a great day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

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