Friday, May 28, 2010

Just popping in and out!

Goodmorning everybody!
Indeed a goodmorning, cause it's not yet 08.00 o'clock! Why I am so early? Just because I have to visit my specialist at the hospital for my epilpesie, nothing scaring, just the yearly control and she has to give me my new recipees for the next year. But the appointment is at 09.30, so I have to be quick a bit. It always cuts into the day, such things, time spent there is about 5 minutes, but it takes an hour or sometimes more, to get there, wait, wait, get the medicin and get back home again. I am lucky, the hospital isn;t far away from our home!
It seems it could be a rather nice day today, if we speak about the wether. Not too warm, but still sun could pop out a bit later, and if so, Jan and I may go check the fair that is nearby our house this time. You always find about the same stufff as on the other fairs, but.... it gets you out of the house, it can be nice and sometimes you even run into something you still need and suddenly find there.
Yesterday we went for a short visit to the second hand store, to look if there were 2 chairs for the garden, but the kind you can put in different positions and may be a little table too. Well, as it is with this store, this time we weren't lucky to find something to our liking, so we will try perhaps next week or so. No big deal. Of course we could buy ourselves new ones, but why spend more money if not necessary?

Oh, just came from Ednas blog and you should go there too to congratulate Moo, her brother who quit smoking for 200 days now!! Fantastic. I am not yet there, cause it still is hard for me to quit completely. I am working towards it, but I now, I am lacking some willpower for it, although I know it is better for me not to smoke anymore. It's just the question of saying to yourself : from now on it is over with the ciggies. Yeah, I know, but execution is still difficult. But there comes a day I will do just that and stick to it. And it must be in near future too!
Okay, I was honest with you, perhaps that is a first step LOL!

Now I must get on moving, just have time for another cup of coffee and then off I am. Today there is another kit for you, a small one but made it in PSE8, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Each day I am discovering things in the program, so in about a year or 3 to 5 I may be a bit used to it, hahahaha!
Have a lovely weekend!
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Edna B said...

Kyra, you are doing just fantastc with PSE! And your kit is just lovely. I love roses and pansies. Actually, I love all flowers!

Moo thanks you. I am very proud of him as he always said he would never give up his ciggs. You will get there too, in your own time. And we will all be there for morale support.

I have to get back to work now. You have a marvelous day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.