Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Staying cold here

Goodmorning everybody!

Not such good weather forecast for the next few days. Although here in The hague there isn't much snow to see anymore, in other parts of Holland there still is. And because temperature is dropping at night below 0 and sometimes during daytime just one or two degrees above, it is a bit melting bur freezing up again at night. And that causes in some parts of the country very slippery roads. Especially the little roads and streets! And guess what? Several towns are getting short of salt for the roads! Oh what joy! And now the forecast tells us it is getting colder, nights between -3 C(coast) and -6/7C (inside country) and during daytime it stays a bit below 0 and the wind is turning to N/O. Brrrrrrrrr. And may be we will even get some snow again here. Well, I know, in comparison to other parts of the world, it's nothing but hey, I had a bit enough of winter time now. I am already looking forward to some warmer weather and spring time. But I suppose it will take still some time before it reaches that stage.

Oh Edna, you should know that your fleece blankets are used! Not that it is cold in the house, but in the morning I wrap myself in it and feeling quite comfortable sitting at the computer. What a great gift that was!!!
Jan sometimes takes his when he gets a little nap in the afternoon on the couch.

Well, today is the last day to enjoy the decorations and especially all the lights from Christmas. I posed the three kings into te stable, the poor guys looked exhausted after their long tavel LOL! Then tomorrow it will be a busy day. Clearing it all up and in between we have to go to the hospital, to see Jan's doctor for a check up. I hope we will get it all done tomorrow! Jan says it is always easier to take all the stuff off than to hang it up, but I am a bit strong headed in that. I know it doesn;t take quite so much time, but still it's work and I want to put all the things a bit orderly in the boxes, it saves so much time next Christmas. Hmmmm, we'll see if on Friday we will have an "empty"living room again LOL.

Today I even have a freebie for you! I know I wrote that perhaps I will not have one every day, but as long as I manage to make something new in time there will be one. I am so used to this "routine" ROFL! But I must warn you that I am a bit slower in maing them, and that's not only due to the computer crash. Perhaps it's just me, I am getting more picky, and I want to have them at the same standard and even every time a little bit better. I am getting back already a lot of resources, and that's a nice thing. But only when you loose those files you realize how much stuff in fact you gather on that computer! And I just will have to save more of it on discs, now only to do it hahahaha. 
The kit of today is in one colour scheme, I seem to like that in the moment, but you know me, it can easily change LOL. It's named "Roses are not always Red". Have fun with it, hope you can make some beautiful layouts with it. Now you have a fantastic day!

Download   HERE


Edna B said...

Kyra, this kit is just lovely. The colors are gorgeous. I shall have to try using just one color one of these days.

I'm glad you are getting some use from your cuddlers. I wear mine sometimes when I am watching TV or typing.

It is very cold here lately too. And like you, I am ready for Spring any day now. Stay warm, my friend, and have a great day. Hugs, Edna

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 1 post on Jan. 06, 2010. Thanks again.

Cat said...

I'm with you, time for some Warm sunny days..

Oh Kyra, my blog is 1 yr old and today I got my 1st nasty comment..She claimed I 'stole' her photo.. I didn't even try to explain that I found it with google..Don't ppl know that when they upload pics to their blogs they all show up on google search? I don't always go to the blog when I find a photo online.. Do you?
Sorry about the 'venting'.. Just had to talk to somebody who would know..

Warm hugs to you my friend..

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 06 Jan [LA 03:00pm, NY 06:00pm, UK 11:00pm] - 07 Jan [OZ 10:00am]).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list