Monday, December 28, 2009

Lovely days passed

Goodmorning everybody!

It seems ages that I did write a  post, but it's only 3 days! I did turn the computer on at Christmas, but i didn;t spend hours on it. No, I behaved myself, just now and then popped in to check mail and do a tiny little bit of designing. I really hope you all had a great Christmastime! The nicest thing of it aren't even the presents for itself, but the idea that somebody spent time on you, thought about you, so that you received a nice card or  a little present. That's the most important thing: that people remembered you!
Oh my, we had a great Christmas Jan and I. The only thing that wasn't completely well, was me. I think I got perhaps a little cold, I noticed it already Thirsday evening. My stomach wasn;t working as it should, so Christmasday I did eat a bit of all the goodies, but not too much, it just didn;t seem to "fall" right. Oh well, Saturday it was already a bit better and yesterday already almost to normal. Nothing to worry about. Oh another surprise arrived just in the afternoon on Thirsday. Another package from America. That was from Marianna(we usually call her Tutudragon) also a member of the group of the forum and she send me some really yummie stuff for Christmas. Special kind of sweet cookies you could say, I didn;t know them, but I LIE them. It really was a Christmas full of surprises this year. Whee, we had such fun unpacking our Christmaspresents from Edna! Oh, we were GOOOOOOOD! We waited with it till in the afternoon at Christmasday! I made a few pics and even Jan did a few, although he still is having trouble with the digital camera, LOL. It's a pity a picture I did from Jan didn;t turn out completely well, but you can still see what he was up too with the present of Edna. She sent us to fleece blankets, but they are more kind of morning gowns of so, great things, I never saw these in this model! And Edna sent me a calendar made with pictures she took herself during the past year, sooo lovely! Oh whee, what a laugh Jan and I had with Edna's fleece blankets! You've made our day, really! And then I was checking every now and them the mail, waiting for a message from Edna, that she unpacked her presents/ And it was there. I was so happy that I was able to bring a little bit of extra joy to her home. And she sent me a few pics too!A layout she sent me was of Moo! I feel as if I am the last of the 3 musketeers, posting it. Snowy and Edna already showed it on their blogs but here I am too: Look at Moo, showing of his apron from me and the oven glove, cook-hat and wooden spoon from Snowy!

Doens't he looks great in it?
AndEdna also sent me a picture of herself, holding a candle holder I gave her, sweet of her isn;t it?

I'll show you two layouts I made of us during the present time:

Christmasday I made us a dinner from all little bites, like the protobello mushrooms, then avocado with little shrimps and as dessert Tiramisu. And then loads of French cheeses and also some smoked salmon.! Yummie, it tasted all very well! And suddenly Christmas is over, after looking forward to it for such a long time.  And it's almost not to believe that now just ina few days, the year 2009 is gone too!
Well, it just is like that and we have to accept it.
I am slowly getting into designing again, oh whee, this computer crash not only whiped away my files but also inspiration, it seems! No, not really, but I am still in the period of wanting to make an element, or a paper, have a certain idea for it and then just don;t have the right stuff yet for it. But I am not complaining really, I already have gathered again lots of resources and oh my, my mail already was loaded with links for resources, all sent to me by a freind of the forum, Nana. That girl was really nuts, she must have spend hours to gather them and then sending them to me! But so sweet of her, all the girls of our group are real great ladies!

Okay, back to "normal"business again, although this is still a bit of funny week, these last two weeks of the year  with the holidays in it, always seem to be a bit different. Somehow you loose a bit track of the days, or is that just me? LOL.
I do have a kit for you, all in purple( I seem to like that colour for kits, hahaha) and I named it "Love forever".
It may happen that in the time to come, I may not have a freebie for you every day, I hope you can understand that and still will be visiting me. I will try not to let that happen, but I also want to make a new stash again, I am terribly behind with all kind of things, the forum among that!. So we'll see how it advances, it's not because I don;t want to do the kits anymore, just takes me a bit more time due to all the events of the computer. But don;t feel sorry for me, I get a lot of help and already am on the good way back LOL.
So here is the preview of taoday's kit, hope you like it, and wishing you a great day!

Download    HERE


Anonymous said...

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Snowraven aka Silke said...

Lol- wasn't it great to get that pic of Moo from Edna? Glad to hear you still had a nice Christmas despite not feeling too well first.Lol- Jan looks like a monk trying to pull the fleece blanket over his head in the picture. They are nice and cozy ,lol -I wrop up in it sometimes in the evening while I sit at the computer here. I burned a disc for you , but it's a holiday still here today , so won't be able to send it yet as everything is closed. Lol- will have to be tomorrow , but at least you'll have it in the New Year
Hugs Snowy

Edna B said...

I meant what I said. We come here to visit with you and hear how your days go. Of course, the freebies are very much appreciated also.

I love your layout with the cuddlers. I have a pink one, and lguess who likes it? Tootsie! But it its cozy when it gets cold here.

Stay warm my friend. Have a fantastic day. Hugs, Edna

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 1 post on Dec. 28, 2009. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 28 Dec [LA 04:00pm, NY 07:00pm] - 29 Dec [UK 12:00am, OZ 11:00am] ).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list