Monday, November 16, 2009

Some events took place.

Goodmorning everybody!
It was an eventful weekend in a way! I must start with something I even didn't tell you yet!Last Thirsday afternoon, Jan said he went for a quick visit to the cafe and as usual he takes his keys, his wallet and he looks in it to see if he has money in it and suddenly I saw him searching all over the room. So I asked wat was the matter and he told me, he missed his new ID card in his wallet!!! Oh no, not that on top of all! So we first looked around but didn't find it. Jan thought he might have lost it the day before when he went out to buy a little thing and went back with the tram. He needed his little card for the tram and was hustling to get it out of his wallet. So he thought it might be at te tram station, perhaps. We first called the store he went to, but nothing found. So I let him call at once the police and he had to go there at once to register it. But if you loose your ID (even when it is stolen) you'll have to pay again for the ID plus an fine of about 50 euro! Gosh, we really needed that. But okay, he went to the police station and after a while he came back, all happy smiling! What happened? The police on another station had received the ID card! Somebody found it and actually brought it to the police. I cannot bless this anonymous soul enough! Well, Jan wnet to the other station and had his card back! I still cannot believe the luck he had!
Then the contractor. He told me he probably came on Friday, if not he would let me know too! Do you guess??? Nobody on Friday and no phonecall. Understatement to say I wasn't happy! And oh wonder, mircales still happen, on Saturdaymorning 09.00 o'clock he was at the door! They did finish some stuff, cleared almost the whole garden of the mess and he promised to be back on Monday to finish all the rest. I suppose he got it through his brain, that I wasn;t happy at all with him( I didn;t receive him very nicely on Saturday morning!!!). Let's hope so at least! As they were walking on and forth on Saturday from garden door to front door,clearing the mess, doors stood pen, of course. Normally not a problem, but Saturday there was quite a lot of wind and because of the draft, a door slammed. see situation as this:kitchendoor to garden>>>>> hallway>>>>>door>>>>>little hall>>> front door.The door to the front door slammes and I heard a strange noise! Yes, it is for part a glass door and no more glass in it! Well, we could have that on top of it all, @@@@@@@$$$$$$$####### (better not translated LOL). So the contractor has to put a new window in the door, pity for him, but nothing to do about it. He wasn;t pleased with it either, so I suppose his helper has heard some unpleasant words from him!!!
Okay, Sunday I left everything as it was, slept a bit later and took it real easy! I how happy a person can be when nothing happens on a day? I was very happy LOL!.

This morning I took again a quick look into the garden, I hadnt the courage yet to go out into it to have a look. So the "control"I left to Jan for the moment(hahaha) but what I saw from the window I didn;t like too much. A part of the border isn;t looking very much like a border anymore after the treatment with heay footsteps and such from the contractors. Just lucky, that it happened in this time of the the year and not in the spring when all has to come up fresh and nice again! But I think there has to be done some work there, oh,poor me! May be nature will be strong enough to restore a part by itself( sometimes amazing what plants can endure and still keep coming back bright and beautiful) and on the other hand it also gives me opportunity to change it a little bit. I am not too grumpy about it. All will be fine again after a little work on it( I have good hopes anyway LOL).

It seems in good old England there was some really bad weather going on! Heavy winds, real strong ones which caused with the rain some flooding and chimneys and walls tumbling down and more of such unwanted surprises. I hope these winds will not reach our coast, although the next few days were predicted to be very unsettled, with sometimes rain, sometimes a bit of sunshine, sometimes some stronger wind, very unpredictable. Although temperature is still rather good giving the time of year. We'll see what it will be, we cannot do anything about it. But perhaps it will be time to get a few bricks ready to put in my pockets when I go out, to prevent me from flying suddenly LOL.

Today I have a kit I made for the September colour challenge in the forum. It had great autumn colours in it and the theme was also to make something for that saeson. So here you have my "Heading for Autumn kit". Have a lovely day, hopefully with not too bad weather!
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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 1 post on Nov. 16, 2009. Thanks again.

Char- The Mad Shopper said...

Hopefully all of the bad events are over. Glad Jan has his id back. Good wishes to the person who turned it in. I am amazed that they make you pay a fine, even if someone stole it.
Thanks for this fall kit with all of the beautiful colors in it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 16 Nov [LA 05:41pm, NY 08:41pm] - 17 Nov [UK 01:41am, OZ 12:41pm] ).