Monday, November 09, 2009

Fun at the forum!

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, I suppose contractors have their own ways! Friday evening when they left, I asked when they would come again and he said brightly smiling, "oh tomorrow", no matter the weather, there is always work I can do". Wow, on Saturday, not bad! So I was up at time, but waiting and waiting, no contractor. I must admit, it wasn;t nice weather at that time, but at least I expected a phonecall to know, and nobody had to stay home to let him in etc. Nothing. So in the afternoon I tried to call him, but as I thought, nothing. Hmmmm, I don;t like that. So yesterday I phoned again, and yes, he was on the line. I told him I wasn;t so pleased with him, etc. and he just said he didn;t have my phonenumber! Very strange, so I gave it to him to be sure, and he promised me to come today. We'll see, but I think he will be here after my phonecall.Okay, it will all come allright, but I don;t like this way of doing business too much.

But I didn;t let it spoil my weekend, and had some fun hopping over internet, hopping some blogs, designing a bit(although not as much as I thought) and having some fun on the forum. We are a wicked group together, with a great sense of humour. I will tell you something about it. On one subject it started with the following comment:

it should be great if we all could meet eachother at the same time somewhere."" Then followed by Snowy's :" If we all meet up at Edna's place the poor Dwarfs would run a mile ."(some explaining: Edna is having some people living in the house, all men and she calls them : The dwarfs")

This is the following up, first by Suruha:

Su says: Oh, I dunno ! Her name is Snowy..... rofl

I couldn't stay behind , gave a little comment and put together this little"song"

Oh boy, you are BAD GIRL Su! ROFL.

Hei-ho, hei ho,we dwarfs we only know

we 'll have a time that will be great

although we also might debate

about the fact if the girls are sweet,

or bad witches, sweeping us off our feet.

Hei-ho hei ho

what do we care!

a lot of women around is so rare

we open the door with a smile

and be happy for a while!

-----Edna's answer: Su and Kyra, you are VERY BAD!!!!!! But I LOVE IT!!! Yes, Moo and I live here with 7 dwarfs, and we are sort of one big family as you can see by the corrected picture here.

So you see it's not only serious work we do at the forum, we are also capable of some serious mischief LOL! I love those girls.! And I suppose it's not yet the end to it, because I still expect at least one of the members, the hard-dies, LOL to comment on this. ROFL!!!

Well, on to some more serious business, hahaha! Oh, the doorbell rings, I just go and see........................ and yes the contractor at a very early time, whoopeee! Okay, what do I have for you today? The result of the colourchallenge of August. It had as theme everything to do with travelling, so I named it Travelmania and I hope you an still use it, perhaps for some left over summer holiday pictures? Or may be you are planning a trip very soon(as a part of the world is going towards summer time, LOL)? It was another fun kit t make.

Tomorrow I will show you a picture of another collage my enthousiasic fairy friend Minky made again. Awesome!

Now you all make the best of today, always hard this first day of a new week , hahahaha!

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Edna B said...

Good Morning mischief maker!!! Kyra, you have a wonderful talent in writing poems. You should collect them all and make a little book. Wow, wouldn't that be nice!!

You are right about the fun we have, and it is good to be able to have nice fun together.

I am at work now, so you have a great day. HOpe they get your roof finished soon. Hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 1 post on Nov. 09, 2009. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 09 Nov [LA 04:00pm, NY 07:00pm] - 10 Nov [UK 12:00am, OZ 11:00am] ).